2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, April 27, 2013

All shed out

Non Mystic related (although im going to see him right after this!) but instead about another man in my life... Tolo! He is doing great but is still just hanging out. He got a bath and a short lunge today and was great!

Photo comparison:

These are all from day one


Ok I couldn't leave him out... Just look at that face!
We had a nice relaxed grooming day so he could rest after a conditioning day and a jump day back to back (he is in better shape then he lets on!). Maybe a trail ride tomorrow? Who knows!


  1. Haha, great face! Tolo is looking very handsome as well.

  2. How's Tolo doing soundness wise? Also, what a change!

    1. He is looking better and better every day! Even after the day he wouldnt let me catch him for 45 minutes he was totally sound with cold tight legs that night and the next morning! Looked great last night on the lunge line!