2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SO ready!

Im so ready for show season to start! By this time last year I had already been to 2 dressage shows. This year? NONE. How sad?! He has done a dressage show (his 2nd level debut!) and we did the expo but thats it so far. Kind of depressing. Luckily the next few months will be filled with stuff to do! If I can figure out a trailer situation (after all these years of having one, not having one seriously sucks. I need to hit the lotto!) I will take him to a league show and do 2nd with him on the 28th. But that is all very last minute and I just was thinking today if I could make it work then might as well!

Our next few months look like this:

May 12th- hunter jumper show at Inavale

I feel like we had more planned in May but I dont remember haha (maybe a dressage show if I find one)

June 1st- Inavale one day

June 8th- XC clinic at Inavale

Last weekend of June- Inavale 3 day event

Tonight the arena was closed so we went on a bridle less trail ride with another boarder. Since the pony finally got put in pony grazing jail and is now in a grazing muzzle he thinks he is starving. So just imagine us walking down a grassy path bridle less... He was definitely showing us his walking/eating skills!

Tolo is doing great. I havent done much of anything with him besides groom him. I really need to find a place where I can put him back to work. If he is boarded somewhere it will make it all much easier. Finding that place? VERY hard...

Fun hair do the pony got :)


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    1. Yes! Sadly it didnt stay in after a day in the pasture...

  2. Love showing! Looking forward to reading about the shows you end up doing and that braid(s) is awesome!