2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pony Torture

After our great lesson on Monday he got Tuesday off. Then on Wednesday we:

Played some soccer! He LOVED it of course. I just sit up there and he chases the thing around the whole arena. He even cantered and kicked it!

Then on Thursday we had a nice dressage ride! I worked on some stuff that we worked on in our lesson and I really think things improved! He is such a handy little guy and continually impresses me with his dressage moves. Let alone just his nice comfortable gaits (unlike many Gypys I have seen).

Then today... AKA Pony torture day. I actually bought his grazing muzzle last fall knowing that I needed to use it this spring. But of course I have put it off because I feel SO BAD putting it on him! I finally caved today and got it all fitted for him (how many people does it take to fit a grazing muzzle? yeah that would be 3 haha!). I wanted to put it on when I could go out the next day part of the way through and check to see how it was going. After getting it all fitted I took him out and let him graze for  a minute so he could figure it out. He was very disturbed with it at first but figured it out pretty quickly. Hopefully he just needs to wear it until the grass isnt quite a rich. I also need to really start conditioning him so that should help along with us getting back to 'real' work after the expo!

Mad pony!

Tomorrow I am going to wash and re do his mane after jumping him. Should be a fun day! Our first jumping show is middle of May at a hunter/jumper schooling show at Inavale. Pony needs to get jumping!

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  1. Those soccer balls are so cool! I'd love to play with one sometime.