2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Or not...

After a long day at work I was all looking forward to going out to see my beautiful ponies face and have a beautiful ride! Did that happen? Of course not... I get home to find Tolo got loose, no big deal I was just going to go catch him, throw him in his stall, and grab my breeches to go to the barn. Tolo instead did the people equivalent of flipping me off, with all four legs as he took off running. 45 minutes (yes you read that right, 45 minutes) later I had a soaking wet, with sweat, super tired horse that finally had a halter on. I definitely could have caught him earlier should I have gone and gotten some grain or something but catching issues are NOT issues I plan on having and I am not going to reward him for running away from me. Nothing is more frustrating then having to spend 45 minutes catching your horse.

By the time I caught him he needed to be seriously cooled out and be sponged off so add on another 20 minutes and there goes my barn time/desire to ride. He has been wearing thin on my patience already too! I know he has to be bored not being in work (or really getting that much attention, especially in the last week or 2) but there is really not much I can do about that. I have been looking for somewhere to take him but finding a place is not easy. I dont need much but most places are not enough, too expensive (for me having to pay to board 2 horses), or too far away. There is a barn right next to Mystics that may have a stall open but it is a stall only (no run) and I know they dont get outside daily which would make him just as crazy. It would be super nice to have my boys right next to eachother. Not only for convenience but also so Mystic could help me out by ponying him and such. I guess tonight was just a kick in the pants to find a place for him!

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  1. That stinks. Barn shopping isn't fun either, and I hope you find the right place soon!