2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pretty Perfect

Everyone who knows my horse knows that he is perfect, its just a fact (besides his recent traumatic issues with his grazing muzzle!) :) Getting called spoiled, lucky, etc just comes with the territory when you have such a nice horse haha! As much as I love Tolo, he has also reminded me how spoiled/lucky/what ever other word you want to use I am to have a not 'normal' horse in Mystic. No complaints on my end :) Although my next horse will have big shoes to fill!!

We had a nice bareback ride yesterday and he enjoyed today off as I was at an agility trial all day with my dog. He will most likely have tomorrow off also depending on when we get done. I got samples of this newer shampoo (specifically for horses with lots of hair) that I am super excited to try. I really hope it helps with his stains! If it does I plan to order more after pay day. I will be sure to take some before and after pictures!

As far as Tolo... the night after our catching issues I called to him as I was walking out to get him and guess who met me right at the gate?! Someone learned his lesson! Going to talk to the barn owner of the place right by Mystic to see about an open stall!


  1. Glad he learned his lesson! Whenever I see pictures of him I want to squeeze him :)

    1. Yes I have heard people say that haha or they cant help but laugh, etc. So funny! He is pretty squeezable!