2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cant come soon enough!

The last weekend of June (aka: Inavales recognized 3 day!!!) that is! Alanna and I headed out to Inavale this afternoon to go xc schooling with the pony and he did not disappoint!  We started in the outdoor arena to school over a couple stadium fences before hitting the course.

After that we went around to the different fields. Although the only one that was mowed and ready to ride in was the main water jump field we did find one BN fence on some of the galloping trails that we popped over first, with no issues at all!
Creepy fence with weird faces on the front of it! No problems!
After making it to the main water jump field I took him straight to the water. I wanted to see if he would go right in, without seeing it first, in a course like setting. Low and behold after a short hesitation step he went right in! A HUGE relief! Especially after our beach fun in February.

From that point on he was dragging me to the water at every chance he got. If I was walking him on a loose rein he would walk himself into the water! Once we started working in this field he got super duper strong and was having a little too much fun not listening. It took 2-3 times over the first log for me to get him paying more attention to me. Being able to stop your horse is always a good thing haha! 

No one can tell me he doesnt like it. He was hauling me around everywhere, locking onto fences and was totally game for everything! He definitely needed me to really ride him to the first few fences we did and support him but after a couple fences I could feel him getting more and more confident. There is nothing more fun to ride then a horse that is up for anything you put in front of them!

Baby trakhaner!

Roll top
Over all it was a great confidence building day for us leading up to the jumper show next weekend and our first one day the first weekend of June. It definitely helped to get him out there before it all starts and will only give us that much better of a chance of putting in a nice course for the one day leading up to our first recognized. I seriously cannot wait to see how we do! Pony is ready to show off :)


  1. I have never seen a Vanner as nice as Mystic! Seriously. I want to steal him, he jumps so cute.

    1. Awww thank you! He really is a super cute jumper. And really fun to jump also!