2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spoiled pony

I am super excited about getting my Micklem Competition bridle either tomorrow or Friday (just in time for xc schooling!)! But along with that our favorite dressage trainer saw that I was going to be looking for Back on Track hock boots and offered to sell her to me if they fit him. They are mediums and fit him good length wise and I think they are fine width wise but they are a little short so the front part of his leg is showing. I dont think that really matter but what do you think? I am waiting on conformation from BO as to if they stayed on well so far. They have you start them slow so I put them on tonight before putting him in his stall.
After I adjusted them again (I have never put the on before) they were even closer together.
As some of you may remember that very sad day in November of last year. Here is a picture to remind you:
It was a very sad day thats for sure. Good news? It is looking much better. The bottom has pretty much evened out and that huge chunk eaten off at the top is more than half way grown out. Recently on FB I saw a fellow Gypsy owner was making custom tail bags (normal ones dont fit our guys) so I ordered one for Mystic! It will not only help keep it nice and clean but will help it grow out.
Here it is. Just finished. Cant wait to get it and try it on him!
As long as this one works out good I plan to order another one. The problem is I always want one color to be white but that is not going to stay white in our winters here!

He is going to be one stylin' pony by the end of the summer :)


  1. I love my BoT hockboots. You may see some swelling if this is the first time your horse has worn them overnight and he did not have an acclimation period prior.

    1. Yes I read that you are supposed to put them on for a couple hours for 3-4 days before leaving them on all night so thats what I did!

  2. Ah, I need the BoT hock boots!!!! That is a gigantor tail bag :)