2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Down Time

I am a big supporter of some 'down time' after making my pony get in a metal box for a few weekends in a row and that is exactly what he got this week! To be exact, today was the first time he has worn a saddle since our show last weekend. We, of course, enjoyed several bareback/bridleless walks together and he also just got some days completely off.
What he acts like he feels...

Back to work we went today and we had a nice hard but short ride because it was still fairly hot. Now that our two big dressage shows are behind us and our next one isnt till September (unless I find another one!) we can start working on more of the 3rd level work we were starting. I put it on the back burner and just focused on what we needed for our tests because I didnt want to muddy the waters for him. He is no dummy and is already catching on to changes and when you have to do a counter canter serpentine you dont want your horse thinking about changes! So I completely stopped doing them (not that we do them super often anyways). Now that we have to some time I am going to start bringing some of that work back along with continuing to work for 2nd test 2 and 3.

How he really feels :)
Next weekend we are heading out XC schooling for the first time this year! I cannot believe we havent been XC since Inavale last year. Sadly due to our weather the courses usually never open before the first event (at the end of June) but they just announced that they are opening it up so we are heading over! Im sure there will be plenty of adorable pictures :)

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