2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, May 2, 2014


Like every year Alanna and I are hitting the beach tomorrow with our boys! It has been so hot here I am hoping that the beach is going to be beautiful. Although it did cool off tonight almost as dramatically as it heated up the other day. We have been staying right around 55 degrees and then all of the sudden we were in the upper 80s in a matter of days. It was kind of nice but also kind of rough, especially on Pony who thought he was wasting away in the heat.
Our last beach trip (October of last year)

Yes there should be some more awesome pictures like this
I am planning on just taking him bareback which will be both super fun and maybe a little scary at times (like when we first try to go in the water and the white foam tries to eat us). It is a bucket list item to ride a horse on the beach bareback/bridleless and since we are in a year of checking off some items (like showing at DevonWood and riding 2nd level!) I figure why not?! Plus what horse girl hasnt dreamed of cantering a horse bareback/bridleless down the beach? Here is to hoping for gorgeous weather and no involuntary swimming like our Feb beach trip last year :)

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