2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Settled in

Pony is settled in his stall at DevonWood with the reat of the crew! We got there around 5:30 this evening, unpacked, and le him chill for a little before taking him on a bareback stroll. The weather is nasty and the arenas are super soupy so I didn't want to ride him just because I would have to re bathe him haha praying to the weather gods tonight that the arenas will drain and I will be nice and sunny in the morning! It could be a long weekend if it is spent in the pouring rain.

Why must people feel the need to tell me stories about a blak and white horse they rose one time whenever they see my horse?! I love sharing him with the world but generally it is the crazies thy come talk my ear off about a black and white horse they once owned/ride, a horse that had a mane to end of its neck, etc. very common stories that now drive me crazy! Why do they feel the need to tell me?!
Rainbow over one arena. Good sign or a sign of more wetness?!

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