2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not to take away...

I didnt want to include it is Mylos post because I thought he deserved his own little post because he had to put his big boy panties on for his first show. And it obviously wouldnt be fair to compare him to all of Mystics glory :)

After a long day at the show and wedding yesterday I headed out to the barn to see Mystic. He had Friday off, and I didnt even make it out to see him, and he was looking a little neglected in the hair department. I was too tired to think about putting a saddle on and actually working but I wanted to hop on so I just threw his neck rope on and hopped on bareback and bridleless for a little walk around the field. The same field that has our jumps set up, how tempting is that?! I couldnt resist and ended up popping him over the little cross rail, which of course he did perfectly! So why stop there? Pony never put a foot wrong and packed me over all the jumps with no hesitation, great steering, and reliable brakes in a wide open field where he could have decided to haul me back to the barn! We even got video evidence :) Please ignore the homeless looking hair and the pee stains, they got fixed post ride!

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