2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Dream Team!

All week long Mystic has been on his A + game and has been giving me great work! I think our not so fabulous rides a couple weeks ago was due to the heat, whatever it was I am glad we are back to being the dream team :)

He was so on point in our rides that I felt like I could ask for anything, in that moment, and get it. Before I even said anything Alanna even commented that he looked really good! Yesterday's ride he was a little more behind my leg but once I got his engine revved in the canter work t got better. I feel like his canter just keeps getting better and better. It actually has some jump to it!

Today he had a hair day since his mane was really gross. I ran out of vet wrap so it was just in a running braid, and although it is really gorgeous it just doesn't stay in well. We finally have a lesson in Monday, hopefully our recent rides show in our lesson and we don't look like we haven't had a lesson in 2 months :)

Mylo is also doing well. He has mostly just hung out this week with some grooming sessions. I am happy to report that our feedig issues are no longer! He follows politely behind me, let's me dump his grain, and waits until I move away from bucket till he charges into it.

He has earned mowing privileges throughout our whole property (our lawn mower is broken so what better to keep it down?!). This is how he chooses to spend his time, chasing my car down the driveway and not letting me leave! It's pretty cute until you have to put him away because you literally cannot get him away. I swear he would climb in my car...

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