2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Lots of pictures and updates on the boys, nothing super exciting but updates none the less. Mystic has been doing good. We are back in our routine and have begun jumping once a week again. I am really hoping to be able to compete in a 3 day in August (if we can find a ride) so its time to get serious about doing some trot/canter sets, jumping once a week, and dressaging it a few days a week. He may not have tons of miles over fences but he comes out every time like he has done it consistently for years and years. We are far from perfect, he gets heavy on his forehand, flattens out, is less in tune side to side, etc but he is as honest as the day is long. Not only does he need to do trot sets but I need to do them... in two point! I am not in great jumping shape, due to our lack of jumping throughout winter and spring, so I dont always give him the best ride. I think our over fences work will only improve with consistency and conditioning.
Our jumps outside. One line, one bounce, and 3 solid fences coming off.

Tired Pony
Because it was so hot today I decided it would be a good day to have a little spa day. I have not washed his mane or tail in at least three weeks and they were getting dry and gross. If you have a horse with a lot of tail you just try the EquiFuse products! Especially the rehydrarinse and gleam. I mixed them together in a bucket and just let his tail soak in it for 5-10 minutes. Without any scrubbing, washing, etc it came out white, soft, and so pretty! Not only that but the brush ran right through it with no issues. It is probably the best his tail has ever looked.

You can tell only his mane/tail got washed ha!

Still waiting for someone to book him for a hair product gig ;)

Mylo has continued to do great. I feel like in the last six days I have thrown just about everything at him that I want to do and he has been super about it. He is seriously not scared of anything! What a change coming from Mr. Mystic who can be a little chicken about some of the weirdest stuff (but is 99% of the time great!). I have pretty much covered in him tarps, set up a little kiddy pool to walk him in, brought out Mystics big ball, given him baths, clipped him, he ties, fly sprays etc. What more could a baby learn?!

He would actually grab it and pull it off!

Water? No problem.
As good as it sounds it is NOT all rainbows and butterflies. I can deal with (and work on) some of the personal space issues, after all he is a barely handled recently gelded brand new two year old, but he has ended up being a little food aggressive. I am sure it is because he has gone hungry for the last year and a half of his life but it is also not acceptable. It is only when I go to give him his grain and vitamins (treats, grazing, etc are fine) but I am cracking down on the issue big time. Because of his young age and limited handling he doesnt grasp the concept of moving off of pressure which just adds into the personal space issue. I am okay with him being excited for food but I am not okay with running me over then kicking at me when he gets in trouble. Needless to say that was a one time deal as my good friend (aka my dressage whip) has accompanied me since then. Today I feed him both breakfast and dinner with no backup and although he gets anxious he knows how close he is allowed to get and is understanding that he needs to stand (several feet away from me) and not pin his ears in order to get his grain. He has improved a lot but it will continue to be something we work on. I really believe it is due to the fact that he has had food withheld before but I really dont care what the circumstances are he needs to learn that there are some rules that don't ever change or have any lee way. Its tough having to learn all these rules after not having any for the first part of your life!

He is pretty freaking cute! And very sweet (minus feeding time) :)

Transformation Tuesday!
The above picture shows you how much he has changed in just 6 days. The top picture was taken today and the bottom was taken the day he came (last Wednesday). Its amazing what some food and love will do for them! I cannot wait to see what he looks like come fall, I think he is really going to beef out and hopefully grow like 7", is that too much to ask? ;) We got an official measurement on him and he is just 13.1hh at his withers and a solid inch or two higher in his hind end. As long as all continues to go well I think he will make his show ring debut next month at a local open show that has halter and in hand trail classes. If he is really growing well he may even get to go with his brother to the state fair breed show!



  1. I seriously cannot get over the hair.... So pretty! And what a transformation indeed, you're doing good by him!

  2. You have so much more grooming patience than me. I know I could NOT handle the hair!

    1. I love my horse and all his hair glory but I am praying that Mylo doesn't grow tht much hair!