2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The bad and the ugly

How can you not just love that face?
Its a good thing I have a good life coach as a best friend!! I have been pretty stressed just with life. Juggling school, work, horses, homework, etc then to ad Mystics injury on top of that just made me want to sleep (I sleep a lot when im stressed)! Instead I have mostly been having major Friday Night Lights marathons on netflix. Today I woke up and did barn chores at the barn I work at then came home, plopped on the couch in like 3 blankets and watched FNL for awhile attempting to get up many times but finding it was WAY to cold! Finally I got the nerve up to get up and dress warm and head out to the barn. I dressed good for the most part, except for my poor toes that lost feeling after about 30 minutes! I decided what better way to just relax and not think of anything then a short bareback ride on the pony. So I hoped on bareback with his halter and took about a 30 minute walk with him trying to grab a bite of grass every single step of the way. You know he had been so deprived of food since he hasnt been on pasture for the last couple of days due to his mouth troubles. I mean cant you tell the dude is just STARVING?!  I did let him graze for a little at the end before putting him away to clean buckets. After the buckets were dont I got him back out and cleaned him up a little bit since he has to make a public appearance on Tuesday and it would have been thoroughly embarrassing to take him out with how he looked. It may have been a little mean of me to wash his mane but atleast it was with warm water and I put his cooler on after, not to mention he looked pretty handsome afterwards too! I really hope I can start riding him again soon because he needs it! He is being really good considering but he does get a little more impatient a lot quicker!
As for his mouth, I talked to another vet (from the same clinic) last night after discovering that his gum is actually splitting open and she said that from the sounds of it his jaw isnt fractured because he still grazes. Which is good news! She said that from what she has heard (she hasnt actually seen him) it sounds like his corner incisors are fractured and since they are his baby ones they will, or should, just fall out. And will most likely take the chunk of gum that is breaking off with it. It just looks super gross and painful and makes awful sounds.  Tonight it looked a lot closer to falling out to me. The took it coming out further and stick out more than the others. I got a few pictures but they are the kind of pictures that you look at and your mouth just starts to hurt!

All braided, pretty and ready to be seen in public!

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  1. Wow. You got one really good picture. You should try to get more when he is at the vet and sedated. I can't wait to hear what you find out!