2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blazin a trail!

A month ago, or so, Alanna and I decided that we are going to try to get up in the trails a lot more this winter then we have been just to give the ponies a change in scenery and also work those butt engines we want for dressage! Yesterday was our second time in the last couple weeks (didnt go last weekend but we did the weekend before that). We set off at 1pm with Mystic pony and Rhythm head ready for a nice relaxing ride since neither of us really felt like drilling our new found dressage ponies in the arena.
Neither of us have explored these trails by the barn but I sure can tell you know that we have a lot of exploring left in us! We quickly reached our "turning around point" where we reach and decided to just turn around and follow it back home but we were not ready to turn around yet so we just kept going. Alanna said that Mary (our dressage trainer) had told her about a loop that would just bring us right back to where we wanted to be eventually but it would be a decent trail ride. The only catch was that we had to find the correct trail to take. After going down 2 dead end roads we decided we would just follow the main gravel road and turn when we saw it going downhill in the general area we wanted to go (and follow horse poop on the ground!). As you can tell, since I am clearly alive and writing this, we did make our way home! About 3 hours later we finally hit the main road that we cross to head back to our barn. The only thing was... it was about 2 miles further down the road then we were supposed to be! Our poor ponies were exhausted and our toes were cold but it was tons of fun! We crossed a small creek, saw beautiful trees, got to overlook a lot of land from on top of the hills and I got to hang out with a great friend! Next time we plan on bringing Mary so she can actually show us which way to go so we dont get lost again :)

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