2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

He is lucky he is cute!

Waiting to load up into Big Red (our trailer!)
Basically the title says it all. He is sure lucky that he is the most adorable pony out there! He had his vet appt today. There were some good things that came out of it and some bad, go figure. The good is that his jaw is NOT fractured! They were really surprised it wasnt because (here comes the bad) all his lower incisors as pretty loose (most of them being permanent ones). He had the one tooth, and some bone that had broken of also, removed from the left side which was the one that was hanging on by a flap. Dr. Doerr, our very nice vet, could almost fold it over backwards. I thought I was going to pass out, SO GROSS!! Even thought the right side corner incisor has the crack in the gum it is sadly the most stable tooth on his bottom jaw. She thinks that it should heal up and shouldnt fall out or have to be removed. The hard part is what we are going to do with his permanent central and intermediate incisors. They are all loose and we are worried that they will either fall out or if we leave them like this they may need to be pulled. My vet said we could go either way as to leave them how they are right now and continue with washing his mouth out and SMZs or we could look into getting referred to OSU to get his lower jaw wired together to help make sure that his teeth stay put. I do not want him to loose any of his teeth. If he were 20 yeah maybe we would just do what we are doing now and see where it takes us but he isnt... he is 4. So we are looking into cost, recovery, etc of taking him into OSU to get him all wired up. We will see where to go from here but for now he gets to go back to work (since the bit wont interfere with his front teeth at all) which is much needed since he cant go outside on grass because we dont want him grazing and putting more stress on his teeth! So back to work we will go for the time being. Here are some pictures from our trip today:

They didnt even have to put anything on him! Just stuck his head on the stand!

Working on getting the tooth/bone out

The piece they had to take out

Bad picture of what it looks like now
Happy to be home!

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  1. So glad it wasn't broken! What good news! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!