2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, November 18, 2011

Enjoying our time off

I have come to realize that being mad, sad, frustrated, etc about not being able to ride and having a hurt pony doesn't really get me any where and usually occurs frequently throughout the year. So while Rhythm is also injured (his hock) Alanna and I have been hand walking the ponies in the arena at night together since both are in their stalls all day. Tonight I hoped on Mystic bareback and in his halter and we did our 20 minute walking. It goes by so fast when you have someone to talk to and its good for them to get out of their stalls, not to mention it was prescribed to Rhythm head anyways.
Mystic was kind of a cranky boy tonight though! His auntie didnt give him his hay (not sure when she is going to live that down with him!), he had been in his stall all day, his mouth probably hurts, and to top it off he had to behave while we were walking! We were kind of making fun of him too so im sure that didnt help! But I mean really.... you cant hurt your mouth this bad because you bit a metal bar on your own and not expect to get some jokes on it! Anyways, he seems to be doing well. Still eating well and has gone through on of his tubes of Banamine. We have a vet appointment on Tuesday to get xrays and will see where to go from there!

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  1. Good job having a decent attitude about your problems. I totally understand these horse issues. It sucks!