2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Major Breakthrough

I honestly have never experienced a horse changing (for the good!) or learning something new so fast as my pony did tonight when Mary rode him! It was super cool to watch! Not to mention... it is nice to know that basically all our "problems" have been due to me. I was getting frustrated with his lack of listening off my leg but really its just me not being as clear with my aids and him just still not fully knowing what I want. After just 35 minutes or so of Mary riding him I could visibility see a huge difference, and not only that I could FEEL it! I felt like I had a new horse! Not that he wasnt great before but now we are getting some super nice work and we actually did a couple nice leg yields (a recent sticky spot for us). I have some homework to do with him and new ways to ride him but it is nice to know that yes he can do it and yes he is basically the most perfect pony :) I really cannot wait till show season! I have hopes of getting him qualified for league championships at first level but im not sure if it will happen since it is in June (a lot sooner then championships at Devonwood in September). We will see, if we keep making progress like tonight I have no doubts that we will be ready in June.
Things only get better with this boy and I cannot wait to see where we are in a couple years! We have a lesson again next week I think and am hopefully going to get Alanna to tape it for me so I can post some video of the star pony.

Something else that some friends and I were talking about today was how horse people always think way to highly of their own horses (guilty!) and how sometimes they try to shove their horses (what they think) niceness or abilities down others throats and how irritating it is when people who really dont seem to do well by their horses think that they are way better then your horse and will openly tell you that and such. Although super irritating (mostly the bashing of others horses) one thing we said is that each horse owner really should feel like their horse is the best. Like you all may have gather I believe that my horse hung the moon. I couldnt ask for a more perfect horse.... for ME. I know that not everyone thinks that but guess what? It also doesnt matter one bit to me because they dont have to look at him, touch him, ride him, nothing. I feel SO blessed to have him in my life and although it always makes you feel good when people tell you how nice your horse is or what a good job I have done with him those are all minor compared to the big picture. I can honestly say that I wouldnt sell this horse for any amount of money, he will never go anywhere that I wont be.

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