2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Horses = A Major Pain!

You know when you get a call from your horses barn owner in the morning (at like 7 45 or so) something is wrong... The message confirmed my thoughts. My horse somehow was bleeding from the mouth and his corner incisors were messed up and they were concerned about a fractured jaw. Perfect. NOT! My vet opens at 8 so I had to wait till then to call. Luckily they were able to come out right away. I got there just before the vet did so I was able to take a look at him first and it was so gross! What he had done (so we think) is stuck his head out the feed doors (the ones in the stall fronts that you can leave open so they can stick their heads out) and was biting on his blanket bar when his lower jaw got caught on the bar and he just jerked back. The bar is pretty beat up too! So basically he is on Banamine and anti biotics until early next week when the swelling goes down and such so they can take x rays to see if there is a fracture (which im scared there is, wait for the pictures below) or if they need to pull any of the baby teeth etc. Luckily they are just baby teeth and even if he does have a fracture he will be fine once it heals, it just means he is off of work for awhile.
Horses are so stressful! Even though I know he is ok, which I am VERY thankful for, it just seems like life keeps knocking you down! If its not one thing its another... Im praying its not a fracture but it really seems like it has to be from what it looks like. But he is eating and drinking and everything else is normal besides his mess of a mouth.Oh horses!!
My horse gets hurt in his stall...overnight... and its his MOUTH?!

"I may have a messed up mouth but I aint missin a meal!"

Looking like a devil pony. This is the better side

All the swelling and such around corner incisor

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