2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lessons and Pony Shopping

I forgot to update you on our lesson on Wednesday (seems to be a very frequent thing... my forgetting things that is)! It was fairly good. I hadnt been riding him the previous week much so he was a little more out of it then normal. We lacked our forwardness and even more of our noodleness (well... we say he is more like a 4 by 4 but as noodley as a short stubby pony can get) or his flexibility to move off my leg when I ask. Needless to say my legs were very tired when we were done! We worked on our leg yeilds which still need a lot of work and seemed to go downhill since last lesson since I havent been working on them as much recently and began a little shoulder in work which he seemed to do pretty well in! He really is progressing nicely still. You can just tell when I havent been working him as much. Alanna and I are going to start doing once a week trail rides to vary our work over the winter and help build more hind end muscle and I am going to tone it down with him a little going down to working just 4 days a week or so. I have to remind myself that he is still a baby and only just 4 years old because he is just so "grown up" in how he goes under saddle! We will continue to work on our homework from this week and see the progress we can make for our next lesson. I got part of this weeks lesson video taped so it will help to watch some so I can actually see what I am doing. I will try to get some of it up here!
Rockin his bright blue rain sheet in his pasture :)
Still in tact!! What an accomplishment
     On another note his rain sheet has lasted a whole week on him in the NDF gelding pasture! WOW! Im sure he will need another one this winter, maybe another Christmas present along with his dressage bridle he is getting? Although it is irritating to have to buy blankets so much (there is a gelding that likes to bite your horses butt and tear your blankets) its nice that he gets to go outside all year round.

     As for pony shopping... its quite interesting to say the least! You can check out Alannas Blog to see the ponies we looked at! It was rather entertaining. The down side is that we did not find her next partner in crime. Horse shopping is actually not very fun. You would think that with SO many horses out there it shouldnt be hard to find a well started horse for less then $10,000 that has normal owners right? Well it is lol! I have also learned just how nice my pony is, boy am I one lucky girl!!

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  1. I think we could nickname your pony Mr. Poppins (rather than Mary Poppins)-practically perfect in every way :)