2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nothing better

... then a little shopping and a nice relaxing trail ride with a friend! yesterday we headed up to Lake Oswego to go to the Irideon/Toklat warehouse sale. Let me tell you it was amazing!! I got a pair of regular breeches for $18, a pair of winter breeches for $25, a fleecy dressage girl for $10, a pair of Woof boots for $10 and a Likit refill for $1! It was an amazing sale and we are going back to the next one for sure! If I would have bought this all at retail price it would have been well over $200! What a deal!
Mystic sporting his new boots and his girth!

Then to add to a good weekend Alanna and I hoped on the boys and headed out on a nice relaxing trail ride today after I worked on Mystics body clipping for a little bit. It is nice for both us and the horses to get out of the arena and just be out in the forest every once in a while although Mystic wasnt too found of the big hills, I think we will be spending more time out there this winter :) Another thing that I decided im going to do next year is a musical freestyle! Alanna suggested I do one and so we are starting to look for music! It is just going to be a first level freestyle as we havent even gotten through all the movements needed for first level but we have all winter to practice! How cute will it be?! Any music suggestions/themes are welcomed!!
The only thing that would have made the weekend better is if I wasnt getting sick... with my schedule it makes it hard to "take it easy" as I have school/work everyday along with my two ponies and homework. Luckily I have my last midterm tomorrow so hopefully things will calm down just a little bit.

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