2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two horses, two barns, two different directions

The title pretty much sums it up. I have Mystic about 10 minutes north from my house (a little less) and Sky is about 30 minutes south of my house! Needless to say it is very hard to get out to see both on a consistent basis with school and work also so I have really been juggling everything.... and not very well might I add. Sky has kind of gotten the shaft from me and I feel really bad. I went out to see her tonight and she is looking SO good weight wise! I am really pleased with how she is looking in that aspect. Of course the muscle is still basically non existent but that is because of other reasons. I will try to get some pictures of her tomorrow! She has an appointment to get adjusted tomorrow, my mom was supposed to hold her but forgot she has to work (usually her day off) so I am hoping to juggle a few things around to be able to keep it because she REALLY needs it done and I just need to bite the bullet on this one! Along with being "out" in her hind end I think something might be up with her lower left hind still (same hind that I think she is out in). She has had some puffyness there off and on. Maybe it is related to being out? Maybe not? The first step is getting her adjusted and seeing what he says about her. Then only time will tell. Im sadly going to have to move her. I love where she is at now but it is just so far and with school, work, and Mystic I just cant justify leaving her there and not seeing her much at all. Luckily a stall is opening at the barn right across the road from me where I work at so im hoping to snatch that up for her. Bitter sweet but I know she will get out more and I can see her from my house. Anyways... I will update tomorrow after her appointment with pictures and details :)

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