2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to Work: Day 1

Yesterday was his first day back to 'work'! He actually seemed as happy and excited as I was when we were out walking in our big field :)

For the first couple days I will slowly increase our trotting time. Yesterday we did 20 minutes of walking to 10 minutes of trotting (with 3 walk breaks in between) to 15 minutes of walking before calling it quits. As much as I want to just go out and jump and run around I know I need to wait. I am going to take it slow with him and see how he does. So far so good!

Amazingly he felt pretty darn good last night, which is very promising! He didnt change at all throughout the ride either. No it wasnt hard work but it was still work and if it were a tear somewhere you would think it might irritate him a little and make it worse. Heres to hoping the rest of the 2 week 'trial period' goes as smoothly and we just need to start injections instead :)

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