2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, September 13, 2012

One step at a time

I called OSU today to set up an appointment. I knew it would be decently difficult with me being back in school by the time I can take him in. It turns out the only vet I want him to see (recommendation by a knowledgeable, important person to me!) only sees appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays when he is on shift as he does sx Tuesdays and Thursdays. Because of school my T/Th are much more open and I didnt want to set an appointment with someone else before talking to my "in" person.

We hopefully got it figured out. I am going to make an appointment tomorrow for Wednesday the 26th. I will take him over on Tuesday so I have time to fill out paperwork etc. That way I can go to my class Wednesday morning (figure missing class first week of school isnt great if it is avoidable!) and come back for an appointment after my class is over. That way they can get a head start on him if they can and have an idea of what we need to xray and such so I can hopefully be there when they make a diagnosis.

Since our barn owner works there she is going to fill in the vet to and let him know what is going on before our appointment. It is SO nice having people there that I know. It will make it much easier to leave him with them knowing there is someone there that knows him personally. I also know someone who works in the same building that can check on him also. I know I will be a nervous mommy! Now it is just waiting till then...

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