2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OSU Visit

After starting my lovely day out getting rear-ended on my way to school I headed into OSU for Mystics appointment. My barn owner was nice enough to haul him for me (she works there! She is the best!) so I could run there between my classes.

Basically he tested slightly positive to flexions on his left hind (as in they could maybe see a little but not much) and they could kind of see it on the lunge line but had no idea what it was and it wasnt bad enough to block. I could clearly see it but I also see him everyday and know how he normally moves. I opted to xray the left hind stifle and hock (if nothing was found in stifle). They came up clear, which means no OCD. A huge relief. The downside? We dont know what is causing the problem. It could be slight arthritic changes in his stifle or could be a tear in his meniscus or cruciate. None of those would show on the xrays (except for the arthritic changes but they are so slight).

Back to the drawing board we go. There are a couple options we could do. We chose to put him back into work. I will slowly bring him back into work (he has been off for 3 weeks anyways). I will give him a week or two under work and re evaluate his lameness. If it gets worse he will go back in to get blocked and figure out exactly where the issue is. If it stays the same or gets better we will start him either on a joint supplement, Adequan injections, directly inject the joint, or do a combination of supplements and Adequan.

He goes back into work tomorrow. I will just take him on a long walk under saddle with a couple short trot sets mixed in. I am going to keep track of how he feels each day in hopes that it doesnt get worse!
He was a big hit there! They also said he is the most athletic looking Gypsy they have seen :)

In other horse news.....

I started a young horse training class for school. I got assigned my horse for the year today. Usually you have partners but I get to fly solo with this one (a VERY good thing! Some of those people are scary). Im way more excited for this class now that I know that. I dont know much about my horse except:
-10 years old
-Never started
-Canadian Warmblood
-Owners would like to use her for dressage eventually

She desperately needs a makeover. Her mane is long and tangled, tail looks scraggly, needs a good brushing and a bath. Im not really sure what we get to do with them or if we can do anything like this yet. But if I can I will even go out on non class days to do it. No horse of mine (for class or not) will be looking like anything less then a champion! I figure they want to do dressage anyways so all this goes with the territory. I should get to meet and talk with the owner sometime soon I would imagine also which will be nice. I will know more about her once I get to handle her on Friday!

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  1. I'm really excited to see how your horse training class goes. I know that you will do great!