2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, September 7, 2012

Super Star!

Wow the pony was a super star today for our ride! He had yesterday off and we had a short jump school today. What a stud! No issues what so ever. He came out with a nice forward pace without me having to talk him into it, went when I asked, was attentive to half halts, and saved my butt majorly one time!

I am really starting to feel him get the concept and feel like he knows what he is doing. Our lessons are definitely paying off. I got him into a really bad approach to a vertical (had to go between poles within the grid and I picked the wrong pathway!), got him in all sideways and would have totally not blamed him for running out just because of his inexperience and it wasnt a tiny fence for him. I apologized and asked him to go and he went right over it, his confidence is definitely getting better and better!

We put together small courses with the grid and the one stride along with some single fences. We got our distances, our lead changes, and had no forward issues. I even took him through a weird angle bending line and he just popped right over like it was nothing. It was a short 30 minute ride that left me feeling SO good about our progress! He will totally be ready for Inavale next year not doubts!

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  1. Maybe you could ask him to "coach" Chevy while they are out in the pasture. We want to go to Inavale too! :)