2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Goals (if we ever make it there!)

I am so fed up with not having a horse to ride and watching my horse hobble around. Im holding on to hope that he just banged his leg jumping the gate and will be good as new with some rest. Then there is the little voice in the back on my head saying he probably fractured his leg and is going to need 6 months off work on stall rest, etc. If he isnt remarkably better, from what he was last night, by Sunday the vet will come back out for xrays. Pretty sure I cursed us as the week before this all started I was saying how sound he has stayed. Now im paying for it big time.

Since I have nothing better to do (although I do get to ride a horse at my barn while his mom is gone this week) I figured I could sit down and put our 2014 goals down and pray that we even get a chance to check them off!

-Solidify our 2nd level work and show at all 3 tests by end of year (even if its just at a league show) and hopefully earn some, or all, of our 1st + 2nd level scores for my bronze medal

-If we can get our act together compete at league championships at 2nd level

-Compete at Devonwood!!! (as many times as we can afford. If its just once I will be thrilled but more would be amazing)

-Compete at Inavale again, dont get lost,  and finish on our dressage score that will be in the 20s

-School XC more and maybe even move up to novice just at a derby/one day (in no rush to move up at a recognized)

-Have solid dressage pony changes

-Condition him better throughout the year

-Lesson, lesson, lesson! Shoot for 2 a month!

I am sure there is more I want to accomplish but these are the big ones. I am also sure we most likely will not get some done but that we will try :)


  1. Hoping your horse gets back in tip top shape for 2014

  2. Poor you, I really am hoping for some good news! I'm looking forward to seeing pony changes and pictures from that amazing Devonwood facility! You are so lucky to live close to that!