2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 3

11. Critique your horses conformation
Not greatest pic but most recent without blanket! (from over the summer I think)

I am admittedly very bad at conformation faults, etc. I can tell you the basics of what I see when I dont like a horse or when I really do but other than that I dont really focus on it. Unless it is obviously awful I dont really mind faults here and there. Nothing is perfect!

With Pony I know he has a short (and thick) neck. It doent look bad on him but when I would get on Tolo I would feel like his head was in another county. The biggest fault he has (imo) are his very straight wide set hind legs. Makes it harder to get him really engaged in his hind end. For all I know he could be a conformational mess but I dont care :)

12. My horses favorite exercise
Its seems like he really, really enjoys going XC! Once he gets the hang of what we are doing he is so game and actually picks up his pace on his own. Really jumping in general as he always has his ears up and is so cute looking!

13. Favorite spa day products
Lord know we go through our share of hair products! I am going to start using the EquiFuse products but you will want to be ready to drop $100 bucks on a starter kit if you are going that route (why I have waited till now!). Before Dawn dish soap was my best friend! Then some Mane and Tail shampoo/conditioner, corn starch, and some lazersheen as a nice detangler.

14. 3 best things about your horse
Well IMO it is hard to limit it to just three things :)
-By far my favorite thing, besides his good looks and charm, is how willing and game he is for just about anything I ask him. He is totally a "Yes ma'am" horse and tries his heart out for you.
-Another thing I love about him is just how safe and reliable he is. Whether he gets ridden daily or once a week I never have to worry about lunging before I ride really anything. He could have 4 days off and I could jump on him bareback and bridleless and canter around with no issue (he also backs up and side passes now!). He is the same horse each day and comes out to work at what ever we are doing that day.
-I also love how easy he is as far as loading, hauling, traveling, etc. We could literally (and have done it because we got lost!) get to a show 15 minutes before our ride and be ready for our test. We actually did that to one of his first shows and he still won his big class! We dont have to go to a show hours before our ride, dont have to get to the barn hours early to load or anything. I could get to the barn 5 minutes before loading time and not have to worry about a thing. This has also proved to be a big downfall for me because I tend not to stress about it enough and often forget things! NOTHING is more annoying than a horse that doesnt load and doesnt travel and keep a decent brain! And screaming? Dont even get my started. One of the single most annoying things a horse can do!

15. Favorite picture of my horse
This is by far the hardest question haha because I have SO many really really good pictures of us! So you will have to settle with some of my favorite pictures :)

The knees though!
Okay I had to stop going through my pictures because I just kept picking more and more! I love them all! And they are all courtesy of Alanna our right hand multi talented women at our shows :)


  1. I love the picture of you sitting next to him. Awesome.

  2. Love your pictures of you and him for question #15!

  3. Have you ever went into serious detail about your hair-care routine on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? I think I remember hearing bits and pieces but I'd love to hear the whole thing sometime!