2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good News?

The vet was out today! It was one visit that was way less expensive than I thought it would be and im hoping it stays that way. She was pretty convinced that he has an abscess still and found some sketchy parts in his hoof that we are going to have his farrier dig at. Should it not be resolved within a few days after his farrier appt then I will have her back out for X-rays. We discussed doing a Legend injection like we did last year, to help with any inflammation should there be more of an issue, but didnt do it today. Pony had his best ADD cookie begging face on and our vet and her assistant totally love him, I mean how could you not!

That face though... gets me every time!

Another thing we discussed was his diet. I asked her about potential metabolic issues since it is SO hard to get him to lose weight and she gave us some ideas to try to lower his calorie/sugar intake but also help keep him full. I am going to get him a slow hay feeder and soak his hay also. We also discussed his protein intake and how he probably isnt getting enough. She recommended I put him on Enrich 32 (or plus, whatever it is called now) due to its high protein content so I am going to go pick some of that up to try. I asked about the supplements for metabolic issues but she said that the best thing we could do is to change his diet and reduce the amount of calories he is getting while still keeping him full.

Anyways, he got the okay to be turned out but she doesnt want him out in the snow/ice because she is afraid of him getting ice packed in his hooves trying to overcompensate for the pain and hurting something else. But he can run and play in the arena! So he will be in his stall until the snow clears out but then can go back out to pasture! We also got the okay to do some light walk/trot under saddle work to get him out and keep him exercised but dont want to do too much until the abscess clears up. He REALLY needs his job back! He is so bored and getting super ADD just being stuck in his stall all day. After our appointment I left him in the arena to roll and play which he loved and will go back out tonight and will just walk him under saddle.

Should our farrier not find anything and the problem not resolve I will have her back out for some x-rays at the end of next week. She really believed that it is just an abscess and couldnt find anything else but like I told her you cannot see his leg because of all his hair! It was the best news I got all day (and hopefully it stays this way and it is resolved soon!) as my car all the sudden broke down after running just fine and had to be towed to the shop this morning. Praying it doesnt need a new transmission but its not looking too good for me. You know its not your day when they call you before they have even looked at it to say they broke your windshield wiper and it will be 16 bucks each to replace. Its a good thing I needed new ones anyways, I mean what is 32 more dollars at this point? Luckily the ponys bill wasn't what I was expecting.

ETA: Had a great relaxed bareback walk with pony tonight! Even did a little jog and he felt good. Definitely cant wait to get him going again! Lets just say he has enjoyed his vacation a little too much and needs a little gentle reminder about some thing haha!
It is still super cold so we walked with his blankie on :)

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  1. I'm so glad you got some good news. Yah for you and Mystic. :)