2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 5!

Last day! It has been nice to have something to write about since Pony is currently out of commission. Vet is scheduled for Thursday morning. Lets all say a prayer that not leg shaving is involved because I will probably cry! I know it is minor stuff and hair grows back but to think his tail is still growing back from when Pants chewed it off over a year ago (and his tail grows fast!) makes me think my horse will look semi stupid for about 3 years before it could grow out again. Not to mention I would HATE to shave it all off and not find anything. The things you have to think about when you have a horse with hair! Im hoping we can block him and find out where the issue is at least and go from there.

21. Favorite classes to watch
For sure it would be upper level cross country and FEI musical freestyles! Both are SO much fun to watch!

22. What's in your cooler at shows
I am really bad about packing food. Normally its just some Snapple or Gatorade and goldfish or something. I dont eat before I ride because I get a side ache.

23. One thing about showing you would change 
More so now that I have a horse that isnt 'the norm' I would change how much tunnel vision the big people of both eventing and dressage have. They think only TBs can compete/win in eventing and only Warmbloods can do dressage, etc. Then there is the hunter world. Dont even get me started there! I think it would be fun to show Pony at some hunter shows but wouldn't pay that money just to have the judge mark us down strictly because of my horses look.

24. My ringside crew
I pretty much has the best ringside crew out there if I do say so myself! Both my mom and Alanna are a HUGE help at shows and I really dont know what I would do without them! I could do small dressage shows or hunter/jumper schooling shows alone if I had to (not as much fun though!) but there is literally no way I could have done Inavale without them! It was so hot and they were all over it once I finished xc and stadium. They had water ready for me, untacked Pony and started walking him, etc. Seriously, they are amazing!

25. Best prizes won
Pony has won a cooler (high % score at a dressage show at first level!), a trophy, a saddle pad, and a glass plate along with a lot of blue ribbons :)
His cooler and ribbons from 2012!

Fancy Champion 1st Level ribbon :)


  1. I'm really jealous of your pit crew. The vast majority of the time I do it alone, but for the rare occasions that a friend comes to watch and lends a hand. Then I don't know what to give them to do because I'm so used to having to do it all! Do you think if we both enter DevonWood I could borrow Alanna? ;-)

  2. Number 22 should read- "whatever Alanna brings." haha. :)

    1. The funny part about this is I was totally going to put that! haha