2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Basically Pony and I both landed on Santas nice list this year, shocking I know, and man did we score! On top of the hundreds of dollars I had already spent on Pony for his body clippers, dressage bridle, 2 new saddle pads, new blanket, etc my mom got him a custom fancy browband for his dressage bridle! The coolest part about it is that the beaded strands are interchangeable so if we get tired of rocking the red I can change the the blue strand I also got or even order a new color! I also got that blanket that the brow band is on and it is seriously the best thing ever. I havent left it!
How adorable is he going to be in this?!
I had asked for a custom photo stall guard from Deco Pony but they take up to 6 weeks to deliver or something and my mom really wanted to have my presents by Christmas. So all on her own she came up with another idea and had a custom banner made that I can hang on his stall at shows. It is super adorable! She even did a great job picking out the pictures. I couldnt get a great picture due to lighting but cant wait to take it out and hang on his stall at shows!

Last night I hung out with Alanna for a little bit so we could exchange gifts and this is what she got me
Its a framed photo collage of all our 2013 adventures! Obviously it already has a spot on my wall and is hanging up :) I am so blessed to have people in my life that support me doing what I love! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you and your ponies got some loot too :)

ETA: And Christmas is ruined just as it is ending. Pony is DEAD lame tonight. Yay for horses.. Not. Im so done with this.


  1. What a cool stall banner! And those browbands, omg, you can do such amazing things against his black and white. Sorry to hear he's lame again. :(