2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 2

Today I went out shopping with my mom for most of the day and Mystic benefited from this trip, of course. I have been meaning to get him a blanket with a detachable neck so I picked him up one today and it is super cute if I do say so myself! The neck fits funny (short fat neck problems here!) but I just folded the top down a little and will maybe add another strap of more velcro to help with the rest. Its an unavoidable problem just due to his conformation. Im hoping it will help keep him warmer on these super cold days and keep his mane cleaner!
Girly colors! Only color they had but its actually super cute

6. Favorite equestrian book/movie
I am not a big book person but some of my favorite movies are The Long Shot (oldie but goodie and also how I named Tolo!), Seabiscuit, Dreamer, and National Velvet. I could go on!

7. Most common riding misconception
That riding is easy! I just laugh at people that say it is easy but I know that they obviously have never done it before. Now, for me, it is very easy to get on my horse and just walk/trot/canter around but it is NOT easy to actually work on our dressage! Talk about muscles!

8. 2 riding strengths and 1 weakness
-I would say that although I do not drill in the arena 6 days a week I am generally good at working on and improving on things I learn in my lessons. Because I cannot afford to take them as often as I would like I feel like I really need to take advantage of the ones I get
-Also I think I have pretty steady and quiet hands which for obvious reasons horses like!
-A weakness I have (or 2 that go hand in hand) is that I am kind of standoffish about working on brand new movements outside of my lessons because I don't feel like I know what they are supposed to feel like and am worried that I am teaching them the wrong way and then I get frustrated!

9. Least favorite thing about riding horses
How freaking expensive it is! I always feel like if I had the opportunities that some young kids have had, thanks to their rich parents, I could be so much further in my riding. Im not going to lie, I get jealous seeing all these people riding in every event of the season, lessoning weekly, going to clinics, etc.

10. What does my horse eat
I definitely fall into the bad horse parent in this category but I do know the basics.
-Daily turnout in pasture
-AM/PM small scoop of some low fat grain (this is where the bad mom part comes in) w/1 scoop Horseguard at night
-1 flake grass hay at night when in stall

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