2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Present to Me!

Surprise, surprise Pony is sound! I thought it might be too good to be true but I rode him very lightly today and he feels great. We just did basic training level frame and work but he felt awesome! I can totally tell a big difference and he is soooo heavy in the bridle. Luckily that all will be fixed and he will be going more like a 2nd level pony again in 2 weeks. Tomorrow he gets to go back outside in his pasture!

I thought I would be nice so I turned him out in the mares pasture this evening after I rode so I could clean his stall and he could get a little outside time.  Proof that stall rest will turn the sanest horse into a dumbass!

When I first turned him out he ran for a little bit but settled down before I went into the barn to clean his stall, or so I thought. As I was getting the wheel barrow I heard him ripping around and as I look around the corner to see what he was doing he goes cantering up to the gate and jumps it! I think he easily would have cleared it if it was not muddy and he wasnt slipping around (and had a bigger pace) but even still he landed just fine. Just hit the top rail with the lower part of his leg. I was in shock. What possessed my horse?!

I of course missed videoing the actual event but here are some of him being crazy (I realize this is totally tame compared to most horses but you rarely see this horse bucking or playing in the pasture unless being chased!).

Look at that cute pony trot!

Good news is he came out of it totally fine. Needless to say he got his privilege revoked for the night and will just have to wait to be stupid until tomorrow morning when he goes back out with the boys. It is safe to say he needs to be back in work! If its not one thing its another! We are doing some late Christmas pictures over the weekend that should be pretty adorable!