2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, December 20, 2013

Stressed, frustrated, and broke!

November and December have been pretty crappy months for me (and my poor mother) and the light at the end of the tunnel is refusing to shine through just yet. It all started with my big dog having to go into the vet for X-rays last month that resulted in a $400 vet bill with no solution. From there we had to put down our oldest dog (he was 16 and a big dog, 70 lbs in his day, so although it was a blessing to have him for so long it also made it super hard), our furnace/dishwasher/sink all broke within 2 weeks of each other, said dog that already had a vet bill still isnt 100% better, Mystic went lame, thought we solved his problem, same dog as above is yet again not feeling well, car breaks down and costs me $1000 to repair, and Mystic is still lame after finding his abscess on Tuesday. Apparently my life did not get the memo that I am a horse poor college student with no money? I know that these problems are trivial to some people and we will of course live but it makes for a super stressful and frustrating time wondering how on earth this is all going to end up while still trying to hold onto any hope maybe for once it will go my way!

On the fun side.. Ponys black Micklem that I ordered pre ginormous unpredicted car bill came and he looks pretty freaking handsome in it! Also notice the new (to him but basically brand new) pink LamiCell dressage pad that I got a few weeks ago off a tack site on FB for 25 bucks! Basically my horse is having a pretty awesome Christmas, besides the fact that he is stuck in a stall all day ha! 

I feel so bad that he has been stall ridden for almost a month now and am at a loss as to what is going on. He is very mildly lame but it is still present when that leg is on the inside and especially around corners. Nothing major and pretty slight but still there none the less. I am SO frustrated and if it were not for wanting to keep my stall at the barn I would seriously consider turning him out for the winter. It is so hard for me to be 'wasting' our whole winter and feel like if we are not able to crack down soon there is no way early 2014 show season is going to happen. Basically I just need to stop throwing myself a pity party and move on :) SO ready for the new year and hoping that comes with some new luck because I could seriously use it!

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  1. Too bad horses don't get really "turned out" at my house. We could swap Roz and Mystic! :)