2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Im Caving

Sadly Pony looked a little worse tonight (not much and maybe it was the same but I really thought he was getting better!). Lame horses make owner delusional haha! Its also freezing cold here and I had just hand walked him for 20 minutes and felt like a popsicle. On the plus side, Pony is super good for it and I just throw his lead rope over my shoulder and put my hands in my pockets to keep warm. I think im going to cave and call my vet out. He has now been in on stall rest, except for the 20 minutes of hand walking I have done at night, since Sunday and if it was a minor pull I think there would be more improvement by now. Now the trick is finding time to have vet out. I might just bite the bullet and call her out on "emergency" this weekend or else he will have to wait until early next week and only if I can work around my finals schedule.

I know this is a super bad thing to say but I am DREADING having the vet out. Not only because I dont want to hear that he need X amount of time off but I am worried that they are going to want to ultrasound him and you know what that means... bye bye feather :( I would never, ever put his hair before his well being but if I can do everything in my power to be able to keep it I will!

On a fun note, my favorite mare moved back to the barn (after some time out to pasture to baby sit her baby sister) and along with her came the baby so I get to pet a little baby everyday! She is seriously adorable and super well behaved for her age. I have been getting puppy fever recently but really don't want the puppy to be mine, I just want to play with them, so a baby pony is a good substitute. I dont really want a baby pony either but its fun to get my fix then be able to have my nice 'adult' pony that already knows all that stuff :)

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  1. Hope you get some news from the vet without having to shave his legs.