2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Trail Ride!

Yesterday Alanna and I went on a Christmas eve trail ride with our boys. They were both excellent like always. We actually went pretty far and up a few hills so Mystics legs had a hard time keeping up, but where he lacked in the up hill he made up for in the down hill! Man can that boy truck right down a hill! He was quite tired and sweaty by the time we got home and was very happy to see his stall and more importantly his food :) For Christmas he got a Likit toy, some hair products, hair ties to keep all the hair under control, and an adorable blue saddle pad! I will get pictures of him modeling it today!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Short update

My oh my, life has been busy! Between basketball, two horses, work, and beginning of OHSET its been crazy. Mystic is doing great! I seem to frequently forget he is only 3 because he is so good. Although very spoiled so I am cracking down a bit more on him now :) Everyone loves him who seems him and just wants to play with his face so he has gotten a bit mouthy, understandable for a 3 year old, I just need to get people to stop messing with his face. Lunging is going great, w/t/c is all there! We are starting long lining this week and then will start more with a saddle and more riding arena work after he gets that down. There are a couple shows in January I might take him to depending on our progress. He will also be going to our OHSET practices to fill in for some stuff! Overall he is doing great :)