2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, November 29, 2013

I Splurged

So Tolo officially sold, its Black Friday, and my pony is lame. What does this mean? Some serious shopping therapy! I told Pony that I just spent my life savings on him so now he has to get better, preferably by tomorrow :)

Sadly he is still lame and it is looking more like he pulled something. He is on bute and in a small paddock area during the day instead of the big pasture with the boys. If he doesnt improve in the next couple days then he will go on straight stall rest as a last resort before the vet comes out. It is much better than the first day but he has also been on bute. It seems to be worse when he is first pulled out of stall. He also will occasionally take a funny step then be ouchy for a few more before getting better, which is why we are thinking it is not just an abscess anymore. Fingers crossed it will improve with some rest! I was planing on having a chiro out but that was before he got hurt so that will have to wait until he is all better!
He stood totally still for 30 minutes to soak his hooves! Good pony :)

He got lots of Christmas presents today! I hit Gallops this morning since I was up at my dads and right by it. They had a 15% off store wide. I found a fleece jump girth and a bit. I also got new stirrup pads but of course got the wrong size. Then I came home and saw that Bit of Britain (I had never bought from them before) was having a 20% off and free shipping on everything! So I was a big spender and bought him new body clippers, a black Micklem for his dressage bridle, a new dressage show pad, and got myself white full seats! Next on the list is to get all my memberships (all 500 that you need to compete at a recognized dressage show! It is a bit ridiculous actually) for both Pony and I for 2014. Slowly I am chipping away at everything we need to compete with the big boys next year so the first show doesnt roll around and I have to spend $400 on top of my show fees (which will already be like $400!) just for memberships/tack/clothes that I need. Being a broke college student it is not everyday (or anyday really) that I can spend that much in one day and I have to say it was definitely more scary pressing that submit button then I thought it would be! But it is also super exciting to be getting us ready for next year :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Why must you be lame Pony?! He walked out of his stall dead lame tonight. BO said he wasn't lame going out this morning. Alanna and I thought maybe an abscess (still hoping!) but if it doesnt get better very soon I will have the vet out.

He was a little funny on Monday but he felt fine when I was riding him and since he was just sore on the rocks I figured it was from our trail ride the day before and it was just a stone bruise. Now I feel bad because we even jumped a little. I went back out on Monday night to trot him and he trotted out fine in the arena? Who knows. He has his happy Pony self and was begging for carrots and happy to see me which is good! His legs feel fine (one time when it would be nice if he didnt have such hairy legs so I could actually see them!) and he didnt react to anything so there is hope its nothing bad. He got bute in his grain and is staying inside tomorrow so I can check him in the morning. Poor Pony!
On a beautiful trail ride on Sunday!

Sorry I have been so absent the last little bit. We had a very "blah" week. Everything is getting much harder and we are finally starting to hit some brick walls in our work which we are not used to. Up until this point we have kind of skimmed right along with no issues so this whole yucky feeling work is new to us. I feel really spoiled saying that, but its totally true! We definitely are getting some really nice work still, but definitely have some frustrating parts. We had a hard but helpful lesson but the day after that had an awful super frustrating ride so I decided to step back and have some fun easy rides along with a trail ride with Alanna before heading back to work. I feel like in a lesson I can work through a lot when Mary is helping me but on my own its a whole new ball game. We are supposed to have another lesson on Monday but its not looking to promising.

On a happy note... Tolo is officially sold! He new owner loves him and he seems to be really happy there. You know what that means? SHOPPING TIME! Pony needs some new stuff :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hard Work

Todays ride on Pony really solidified how much progress we are making! I rode for about 20 minutes before taking him on a walk down the road because he was giving me everything I was asking for and he felt amazing. It was definitely one of those rides where you know all of your hard work is paying off! One of my favorite quotes that describes Pony and I perfectly is:

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard"

We have a lesson tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it! We have played with our changes a little bit but last Thursday going from left lead to right he was not switching his hind end so I decided to wait till our lesson. He was tired by the time we got to them in our ride so I didnt know if that played into it or if it was something I was doing because he has never had a problem with it before. I figured it could have been a fluke day but there is no sense in pushing it at this point, might as well make sure I am asking him properly and make sure he has good experiences doing the changes so I dont make it more of a problem then it needs to be. Im sure we will get our little kink worked out in tomorrows lesson :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What are we going to do?

Last night while Pony and I were schooling some of our new and improved fancy dressage pony skills a fellow boarder asked me "What are you going to do with him once he is fully trained?". She then said that we have progressed really fast and he looked really good! I just responded that we are far from done with our training and we will continue to test our luck in the dressage ring until he physically cannot progress further and will keep eventing at the low levels. I hadnt really thought about what we will do once we max out together but he obviously is never going anywhere! Who knows, maybe once we reach that point I will know some kid o adult ammy that wants to learn dressage and will part lease him so I can work on a new project. That is all years away though and until then Pony and I will work our tails off in hopes of getting my Bronze together!

He had a long weekend, after getting body clipped on Friday, so that I could head up to my dads house for a couple days. While I was there I also got to visit Tolo who is doing really well! Tuesday I had some finishing touches to do on Ponys clip job so I just decided to hop on bareback and bridleless. Can I tell you how much I LOVE having a horse that can have 3 days off then you can just hop on no issues and ride bridle less?! His new fancy pants dressage skills are totally helping his bridleless skills also. Now that we back up I figured we should start working on side passing, which I have never thought I would know how to teach. He picked it up super fast! We are just working on basically a walking leg yield right now but can almost do a real side pass already. We are having so much fun with all our new and improved skills :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

From Fat Pony to.... Fat Pony :)

As promised here are some pictures from Mystic when Alanna and I went and picked him up from my aunt and uncle, when they were in Bend, Haloween of 2010!

First ride bareback in a bitless bridle (he wasnt formally broke to ride either!)

Then we had a double ride! He wasnt sure about it at all!
Within the first few months after I got him

First day at NDF :) Amazing how much his mane has grown!
From this summer! I didnt realize how much more feather he had at first. I think our weather here doesnt help it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cant Believe I Forgot!

Not only did I forget... but I just remembered tonight which, is exactly 8 days after Ponys and my 3 year anniversary since he came home! He came on Halloween of 2010 and my life hasn't been the same since. I am SO thankful everyday that I have been blessed with the opportunity to own him thanks to my aunt and uncle :) He is definitely my heart horse and I am so excited to see where the next 3 years (and many, many more after that!) have in store for us. He has already taken me further than I ever thought he would and we are still improving each day. Never in a million years would I have told you that we would be getting ready to show 2nd level dressage and successfully competing at 3 day events if you would have asked me the day I brought him home! He continues to exceed every expectation given to him and amazes me with his work ethic and willingness. When he retires my next horse will have HUGE shoes to fill thats for sure!

I have been trying to dig up pictures from the day he came home but they are on my moms computer I think. I will put them up asap!

He was great tonight and we got a really nice clean change (I hope/think/it felt like it!)! I am definitely getting the difference in feeling of the counter canter and when I will get a good change out of it. Now I just need to be patient and not ask when he is not set up well. I havent schooled them too much (usually just get one each direction and not every ride) but I think we are slowly figuring it out together. We have another lesson on Monday that I am really looking forward to. It is going to be so much fun to have lessons more often this winter!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Strange Feeling!

It is so strange (in a good way!) to be back down to one horse. Even though they were both at the same place it still doubles your time/energy/money/etc to have two. In the end I feel like both horses started getting the short end of the stick, in terms of riding time and frequency, once school hit and it started getting cold and dark earlier. It was nice to be able to go out after work today (besides the fact that it was the first night where I got off work and it was already pitch black...) and spend on my time on Pony without feeling guilty!

I was thinking tonight as I was riding him how far he has come! Even just at the start of this year when we were schooling the more 'basic' (I use this term lightly because lets face it... nothing about 2nd level is basic!) elements of 2nd level and even though he scored a 63 % he was still a very green 2nd level pony. Not to say we are ready to go show 2nd test 3, as we havent started schooling some of the movement yet, but I feel as if we could put in a solid 2nd test 1. As I was moving him from shoulder in to haunches in on the circle thinking "wow this is pretty easy" I couldnt help but smile and think about all the people that would NEVER even think we would be doing this! Even though we didnt show as much this year I still feel like we have accomplished so much! I am very excited to take more lessons this winter and get onto an every other week lesson schedule. Time for Pony to shed the pounds again (another aspect that I had let slip a little with having 2 horses!) and buckle down so we can maybe be a little bit competitive in the show ring next year?!

From Inavale. Such a studly man!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blast from the Past

After dropping off Tolo yesterday I got to thinking about all my rescues I have rehabbed and rehomed. It is never easy to know that you cannot go out and see them whenever you want but knowing they are in great homes makes it all easier. Tolo settled in within 2 seconds and was happily grazing in his big lush pasture. He has two minis coming to keep him company so he will have his own little mini herd, how cute! His new mom is super excited!

In honor of Tolos new home here are some fun pictures to look at!
Tolo on the feedlot:
After I first rescued Tolo I got Chia, an ADORABLE Belgian mare that was only about 15.2 hh but seriously built. She was not halter broke and was about 6 years old.
Pic of her in QT just after getting off feedlot. She was caked in mud and had skin issues

She got body clipped, roached her mane and had to cut her tail off because it was so nasty. This was her after a few months!

Possibly one of the coolest horses out there! Wish I could have kept her!
Then came Candy Cane an older 16.2 hh OTTB mare who I sadly had to end up putting down due to severe lameness issues. She was such a sweet mare!
Feedlot pictures

She was in the worst body condition out of all of them
Candy :)
And lastly there was Sky! Some of you may remember her. She is a 16.3hh 8 year old (if I am remembering right!) OTTB mare who raced until a month before I got her. I got her, just like the others, sight unseen and without the knowledge that she had a fractured hip. I had her the longest because of her hip issues but by the end she was sound and being ridden! She is a gorgeous mare!

The week before I got her

The week before I got her

I will thoroughly enjoy being back to just Mystic but look forward to my next project also! It will most likely be quite a bit longer before I get another, which is fine because there is plenty for pony and I to do! But I have already decided that I am going to go find myself a BIG OTTB gelding as a eventing prospect. There is not much that I miss about having a 'normal' horse but the fitness aspect is one that I do! For now I am off to enjoy my perfect little, fat, hard to get fit black and white pony :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Green Light

Tolo had his vet check today. Normal gut sounds/heart rate/temp/ROM/etc passed hoof testers perfectly and wasnt sore in his back at all. The vet a concerned about his enlarged hind fetlock that he has had since the first day I brought him home. Ugly? Definitely, but it has never bothered him. Lunged great (besides that fact that he drags his hinds a little) but the vet thought he came out a little off on his left hind just slightly (2/5) with all other legs being great. He stated his concern that it had to do with that fetlock (he did pass his flextions 2 years ago). After telling her the slight concern over it he also stated that he seems to be a super nice horse that is otherwise completely healthy and should be suitable for what she wants to do. He also said that finding a horse his age/wear, being a middle aged horse (he is around 9), that would pass flextions 100% fine would be pretty rare.

His new owner was pretty unconcerned with it and asked if it was a bone chip that broke loose if it could be removed to help him and seemed onboard with doing that if thats what it would take which is nice to hear! She has his stall/paddock/pasture all ready and even got all his hay, rice bran, and vitamins ready for him tomorrow. It is super sad for me but she seems really into his well being and building a solid relationship with him. Added bonus is that she lives like 5 minutes away from my dads house up in West Linn and she said I could come see him any time :)

Here is a little bridleless video of him from last night. Only his 2nd bridleless ride!

Pony got the day off yesterday so I could have my last ride on Tolo. And tonight I just took him around bareback and bridleless! He officially has back up down bridle less too which is cool. I didnt really know how to go about teaching it but we figured it out and he picked up on it really fast. I am even getting another boarder to teach her mare bridleless stuff this winter! It is so fun, especially when you feel totally in control!