2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, November 8, 2013

From Fat Pony to.... Fat Pony :)

As promised here are some pictures from Mystic when Alanna and I went and picked him up from my aunt and uncle, when they were in Bend, Haloween of 2010!

First ride bareback in a bitless bridle (he wasnt formally broke to ride either!)

Then we had a double ride! He wasnt sure about it at all!
Within the first few months after I got him

First day at NDF :) Amazing how much his mane has grown!
From this summer! I didnt realize how much more feather he had at first. I think our weather here doesnt help it.


  1. Cool photos! I show with a couple Gypsies in our local circuit. . .I thought Haflingers had a lot of hair! But they really are so sweet! And they lady that shows them, breeds them as well, they make cute babies!

  2. Oh I remember that double saying he felt bucky and your aunt saying he's fine! :) What a good boy he was to not dump us both.

  3. He looks preggers in those old photos :-D