2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hard Work

Todays ride on Pony really solidified how much progress we are making! I rode for about 20 minutes before taking him on a walk down the road because he was giving me everything I was asking for and he felt amazing. It was definitely one of those rides where you know all of your hard work is paying off! One of my favorite quotes that describes Pony and I perfectly is:

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard"

We have a lesson tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it! We have played with our changes a little bit but last Thursday going from left lead to right he was not switching his hind end so I decided to wait till our lesson. He was tired by the time we got to them in our ride so I didnt know if that played into it or if it was something I was doing because he has never had a problem with it before. I figured it could have been a fluke day but there is no sense in pushing it at this point, might as well make sure I am asking him properly and make sure he has good experiences doing the changes so I dont make it more of a problem then it needs to be. Im sure we will get our little kink worked out in tomorrows lesson :)


  1. He looks great in that picture! Does the sheepskin pad make your saddle roll too bad? I've been wanting to get one for my pony but just haven't been able to decide if it would effect the stability of my saddle too bad.

    1. Nope! In fact I think it stay better than it did without it. Still moves a little occasionally but I think that is more due to my fat pony :)

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