2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What are we going to do?

Last night while Pony and I were schooling some of our new and improved fancy dressage pony skills a fellow boarder asked me "What are you going to do with him once he is fully trained?". She then said that we have progressed really fast and he looked really good! I just responded that we are far from done with our training and we will continue to test our luck in the dressage ring until he physically cannot progress further and will keep eventing at the low levels. I hadnt really thought about what we will do once we max out together but he obviously is never going anywhere! Who knows, maybe once we reach that point I will know some kid o adult ammy that wants to learn dressage and will part lease him so I can work on a new project. That is all years away though and until then Pony and I will work our tails off in hopes of getting my Bronze together!

He had a long weekend, after getting body clipped on Friday, so that I could head up to my dads house for a couple days. While I was there I also got to visit Tolo who is doing really well! Tuesday I had some finishing touches to do on Ponys clip job so I just decided to hop on bareback and bridleless. Can I tell you how much I LOVE having a horse that can have 3 days off then you can just hop on no issues and ride bridle less?! His new fancy pants dressage skills are totally helping his bridleless skills also. Now that we back up I figured we should start working on side passing, which I have never thought I would know how to teach. He picked it up super fast! We are just working on basically a walking leg yield right now but can almost do a real side pass already. We are having so much fun with all our new and improved skills :)


  1. The cool thing about a horse like Mystic is that you won't ever run out of stuff to do. Once you finish your dressage you go on to combined driving, or whatever else strikes your fancy. So fun!

  2. There's no way to know right now; he may go all the way to Grand Prix. And someday he may be your kid's pony!

    1. Thats the plan :) Well as for as the kids pony goes. Not sure we will make it to Grand Prix but would be amazed if we did!

  3. I agree with Michelle :-D. He's awesome!