2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prim and Popular :)

Mystic pony got his warm bath yesterday. I just did his legs, tail, and mane though because it wasnt super warm outside so I felt bad doing his body. I left him inside today so I could get some good (and clean!) conformation pictures of him today for a project I am doing in my Equine Marketing class. He looks SO much better all cleaned up! I know it will all be ruined tomorrow when he goes back outside but is a good start to be sparkling clean for our show.
Teacher Mary was also out at the barn with Alanna and I tonight giving Mama Rhein her pre-maternity leave bath and clipping before she leaves for her foaling barn tomorrow. Side note: we will miss you Mama Rhein but cant wait to come see your little Scholar when she is born :)  Im actually not sure I have ever shown a picture of her on here. She is Mystics  not so secret crush. She is a fancy dressage pony that shows 3rd level right now but is going to work towards PSG for next summer after little Scholar arrives!!
Mamma Rhein! She is due at the end of March

I love this picture of her! She is so sweet!

Anyways Mary was giving Rhythm his pretty dressage tail and it looked super good. I was thinking that Mystics wouldnt look good with a nice dressage tail so Mary and I went and looked and decided to give it a try. I just know any other Gypsy people out there would be shaking their heads at me but it really makes him look much better and now he doesnt have the little side hairs sticking up his butt and getting super nasty, im sure it isnt comfortable to have your hair up your butt all the time! It turned out super cute on both the boys! We are slowly but surely cleaning them up for our show. Im going to clean up his head, ears, and bridle path next weekend along with his 2nd bath. I will post his super handsome pictures tonight after I get them from his Auntie Alanna :) She got some really good ones!

His dressage pony tail! You cant see it great but its there!

Gettin some love

So handsome :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Poor pony!

A new Wilco farm store just opened up in Lebanon (about 20-25 minutes from us) recently so today Alanna, April (our fabulous barn owner!), and I headed over to check it out. We have a Wilco in Tangent but it is a small one and this new one is supposed to be a big one! They were also having a good sale so we figured we would check it out. It was tons of fun and I came home with Mystic pony beauty products, vet wrap (only $1 each!), dewormer, Berry horse treats (20lbs you know he loves his treats!), Chicago screws for his leather halter, and some grain for Sky.
The shampoo came at the perfect time because I need to start cleaning him for our first show of the season! His feather and tail have gotten 'stained' from being on the pasture daily, stupid mud, and his mane is just FILTHY from rolling outside and not having it washed because of the cold... even though we do have a wash rack with hot water. Because of my car incident yesterday (which is another story but basically my car tried to kill me...) I have to get my mom to take me to the barn and pick me up after her agility class which means I will be at the barn for like 4-5 hours tonight... Meaning, Mystic pony is going to get his bath on! I know he will just go back out in the pasture but if I do it this weekend, next weekend then right before the show and leave him in then hopefully he will resemble some kind of white! That is my hope at least...

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I cannot believe how long Mystics mane has gotten even in the last 6 months! It is growing like crazy! Sadly it has thinned out towards the bottom of his neck, I think maybe his blanket rubs it... I dont think he is rubbing it himself but maybe? Im going to wash it this weekend since the weather has been ok and it is SUPER gross. Maybe that will help, we will see!

Dont judge him for his brown hair!

He has had almost a week off :/ definitely not ideal 3 weeks away from a horse show. I was out of town from Friday to late Sunday and then came up sick so have spent the last few days in bed. Yesterday I did go out and brush him, re-did his hair, and went on a 20 minute bare back ride outside. I did notice that he had dropped weight. Im not sure if maybe its because his work is getting harder or what but I think im going to bump his grain up. Alanna did mention that it might be good for him to go into spring on the lean side because we all know how much he likes his food! With the green grass and all he will definitely plump out! I never thought we would have weight "issues"! Just the opposite of most :) He doesnt look terrible by any means just not as filled out as I would like/am used to with him!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Some time off

I took a weekend trip with my dad, step mom, and step sister to Sisters for a basketball tournament so Mystic has had 3 days off in a row. Im sure he is thinking he is living the life right now! He goes back to work today, however I am starting to get sick so im sure our rides wont be as long. He will appreciate that one to haha! The show is in about 3 weeks now so I really need to crack down. Luckily we found a show that is 2 days in April and they are technically 2 different shows which means we will have 3 qualifying opportunities instead of 2 which helps take the pressure off. Even though I shouldnt be worried about scoring above a 55 % (not sure that I have even gotten a score that low?!), I am. I have a PERFECT pony and as long as I remember my tests (seems to be an issue with my old age LOL!) and give him a good ride we will do good. The worst part about having such a nice pony is that when it doesnt go as well as planned... we all know it was all my fault!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little by little

We had a great lesson tonight! It always seems that the days before our lesson things seem to 'fall apart' so its nice to know that one is coming soon, it happened this week to so I was VERY happy to have one tonight! I know that a lot of it is me but it doesnt make it any easier. Although our leg yields have been getting better we hit a wall with them early this week and so I was feeling frustrated with that, so it was definitely something I wanted to work on tonight. I found out that I really need to prepare him a LOT better going onto the center line and get him really engaged in his hind end so he isnt just plowing around on his forehand, making it really hard to do a good leg yield. We got a lot of good cross overs behind tonight. I havent gotten him to keep a good leg yield for the whole length but we are getting closer and I now have more things to work on in hopes of getting even better.
I always feel SO much better after a lesson but I know that we still have a ways to go. Alanna and I were talking tonight about how I think our expectations are a lot higher then others because we have been around and seen some very nice upper level horses so when I dont feel like we are looking fantastic I think the only other way we could look is terrible! Really I think getting a 55 % (qualifying score for championships) wont be an issue but its just all the unknowns that are getting me nervous! I havent ever really been nervous for a show this much. Ever since we have started with Teacher Mary I have learned so so so much and actually understand dressage more so I expect more out of my horse and I. I definitely banking on some cute points though, I dont think they will be hard to get when you look at good as my guy does though :)

On the Sky front... Someone I know has a friend that is looking for some nice TB broodmares and that would give her a good home. Im torn on this. I would LOVE to keep in contact with whoever gets her. I told the lady I know that I would give her away to a great person (with the terms that I get her back if they ever need to get rid of her). She said if I gave her to the lady that I could get a foal out her. Which actually doesnt sound bad, maybe next year or the year after. Then I could have my adorable mini draft pony and a bigger one that could maybe go further in eventing. On the flip side being a broodmare for the rest of her life? I dont know, maybe if she just got to hang in a pasture with other horses and get loved on she would be happy. I just want whats best for her and feel like the perfect home IMO will never come along because of her previous injury. So is this second best? Who knows... my friend is giving her friend my number. We will see where it goes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mystics Valentine :)

Mystic picked his Valentine today, he is so cute! Sadly she doesnt have the same feeling for him. He does have good taste though, Rheiny is a 3rd level dressage machine!! He thinks that since Mamma Rheins baby daddy (she is due in just over 40 days!) didnt stay with her for the baby that he will just swoop in and win her over LOL!

Checking Mamma Rhein out in the pasture :) Its love <3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My rant for the day...

As some of you know I have listed Sky up for sale to a good home. I put her up for $500. I feel like that is pretty reasonable for a nice TB mare that has potential. BUT she is $500 for a REASON! If she never injured her hip and came to me completely sound she would now have over 6 months of under saddle training. No, she would not be $500 then! I get emails telling me thanks but she isnt as big of a trotter as I want, or is she solid on the trails, or wow im not super impressed with her movement. Ok really people? Your looking at a $500 horse your not going to find something amazing! There is a reason they are that cheap! If she were perfect then of course she would be way out of their price range! So either be willing to look at a horse that needs some work or dont look at $500 horses! I am so irritated! I have someone possibly coming out tomorrow but she wasnt thrilled with her video so we will see. Her husband is a equine lameness vet, she is 1 score away from earning her silver medal in dressage and has trained a horse to grand prix and sounds like a good home but we will see. Im not getting my hopes up because horse people always seem to let you down! I really want to find a home for her before I start really getting her into work so I dont really want to keep her then!

Yeah... guess what I just found out? They backed out of coming to see her. I am SO frustrated with people! I wish I had money and could just keep them both, show them both, ride them both, etc. Oh the challenges of life.
Lovin being outside!

Friday, February 10, 2012


even if its blurry it is kinda cool!
I had a great night at the barn last night! First I hadnt seen Alanna all week... and since we both got off at 5:30 last night we decided to go to Yogurt Extreme first (we both still have gift cards!), it was super yummy! Then we headed to the barn afterwards. It was nice to be able to ride with someone else sine I have been riding alone in the mornings because of class/work. At the end of our ride we video taped eachother a little bit. The video was supposed to be of our first level test but I messed up after the stretchy circle so we just winged it and did what we wanted! I also got some video of our leg yields so I can see what they look like. For me its hard to tell when he is actually doing it right sometimes because I have never ridden a horse that knows how to do them well. Not to mention I seriously have to ride the pants off of him to get him to keep it until we get to the wall. I think in everyone he pops his shoulder or just starts running about half way through and we have to start again but never get the cross steps we did in the very beginning.
Alanna and I were talking last night about how when we think of how our tests will go at the show we think we will do great... then we go ride and see how much we need to work on and how not good something is going and we think "oh great... we are going to suck!". I guess we will just wait and find out in a month!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home stretch

As of tomorrow I believe we are officially a month away from our first show, both SUPER exciting but there are also some nerves in there! Im not actually nervous for the show itself but more like if we will be ready! Our leg yields have been coming along pretty well and we had one of our best ones on Tuesday but in the actual tests we have to do them within a shorter distance (from X to a corner both ways). That is the only thing I am 'worried' about. His transitions are coming along much better, he actually has a cute little pony trot lengthening, a great canter lengthening, our stretchy trot circles may be a little misshaped but he stretches decently most of the time. Overall ability wise I think he will do super well, just those leg yields may give us a little trouble. Oh well I still think he will do well anyways, we will just crack down on those for the next couple weeks then cross our fingers, toes, hooves, and anything else we can in hopes that we dont look like fools out there! Either way im super excited to start showing again. We also added a Combined Test (dressage and stadium jumping) im May so hopefully the weather gets nice and we can start jumping again!

Also... 2 weeks after our first show (Spring Break) I am headed to FLORIDA!! I get to go visit my aunt, uncle and cousins that moved there in September (im flying out there with 2 of my other cousins also!). They are the ones who bred Mystic! I am SO excited. We have already been planning things that we are going to do and we are going to swim with Manatees and go on a huge zip line! Of course riding the ponies also as I have been given the task of getting one of their young mares going under saddle. I get to stay for a little over a week, hopefully I dont bring Oregons weather with me and we actually have sun while im there too!
March is going to be a seriously fun month!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nicer weather in Feb.?!

What a handsome dude!

"im coming Auntie Alanna, dont leave without me"

We have had a gorgeous last couple of days here!! Like the ponies have been naked and soaking up the sun! Oregon cant fool me though, I know its just the calm before the storm (the next storm atleast, already had the major flooding)! At least it has been nice while it has lasted!
Mystic pony had some Teacher Mary time on Thursday and I got great reports that he was awesome for her! We worked really hard on thing from our lesson, such as controlling his right shoulder while tracking left, and she said she could tell he was getting it! I think he is really growing on her, she was telling me how hard of a worker and how fun he is :) Then Friday I took him up on the trails and we did just a little bit of conditioning on the hills, not much since we havent been up there in awhile but enough to get him going a little. On our way back to the barn we met up with Stephanie and Rhythm who were making there way up the hill! Then he got Saturday off in his pasture. Today he is back to work!

Yesterday I took Sky over to the arena. I tacked her up and threw her on the lunge line after some walking and trotted her a couple circles total each way (its a lot of work for a girl thats so out of shape!) then decided I would just hop on her. So I got on and we just did about 20 minutes of walking. I have watched some of the videos from the Retired Race Horse challenge going on right now and so I tried to do a little bit of what I saw in those videos with her. Although im sure im not doing it quite as well as the professionals she still did put up a good fight but by the end I got her much more relaxed and stretching her neck down instead of putting her head in my lap (clearly a race horse thing but super annoying!). I always forget how hard it is to go from Mystic to Sky. I forget that she doesnt move up my leg that well and doesnt understand all the things that Mystic does. She got much better by the end though and was even kind of getting the whole moving off my leg. She was pooped after that, im sure both physically but even more mentally. She is so cute when she is all tired. She basically puts her head in your arms and just falls asleep!
What good ponies I have!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Late birthday present to myself

My late birthday present to myself came last night! I got Mystic a new dressage bridle from Smartpak. I love it! It is so soft and almost has a broken in feeling already. Not to mention the padding along the crown piece and nose band to keep the pony happy. There will be picture tonight after I go to the barn :)

As promised... PICTURES! We had a super good ride this afternoon! I love this pony :)
Hes so sweet!

Almost there

I love this boy!


He is very unenthused with this whole picture thing