2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prim and Popular :)

Mystic pony got his warm bath yesterday. I just did his legs, tail, and mane though because it wasnt super warm outside so I felt bad doing his body. I left him inside today so I could get some good (and clean!) conformation pictures of him today for a project I am doing in my Equine Marketing class. He looks SO much better all cleaned up! I know it will all be ruined tomorrow when he goes back outside but is a good start to be sparkling clean for our show.
Teacher Mary was also out at the barn with Alanna and I tonight giving Mama Rhein her pre-maternity leave bath and clipping before she leaves for her foaling barn tomorrow. Side note: we will miss you Mama Rhein but cant wait to come see your little Scholar when she is born :)  Im actually not sure I have ever shown a picture of her on here. She is Mystics  not so secret crush. She is a fancy dressage pony that shows 3rd level right now but is going to work towards PSG for next summer after little Scholar arrives!!
Mamma Rhein! She is due at the end of March

I love this picture of her! She is so sweet!

Anyways Mary was giving Rhythm his pretty dressage tail and it looked super good. I was thinking that Mystics wouldnt look good with a nice dressage tail so Mary and I went and looked and decided to give it a try. I just know any other Gypsy people out there would be shaking their heads at me but it really makes him look much better and now he doesnt have the little side hairs sticking up his butt and getting super nasty, im sure it isnt comfortable to have your hair up your butt all the time! It turned out super cute on both the boys! We are slowly but surely cleaning them up for our show. Im going to clean up his head, ears, and bridle path next weekend along with his 2nd bath. I will post his super handsome pictures tonight after I get them from his Auntie Alanna :) She got some really good ones!

His dressage pony tail! You cant see it great but its there!

Gettin some love

So handsome :)

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