2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My rant for the day...

As some of you know I have listed Sky up for sale to a good home. I put her up for $500. I feel like that is pretty reasonable for a nice TB mare that has potential. BUT she is $500 for a REASON! If she never injured her hip and came to me completely sound she would now have over 6 months of under saddle training. No, she would not be $500 then! I get emails telling me thanks but she isnt as big of a trotter as I want, or is she solid on the trails, or wow im not super impressed with her movement. Ok really people? Your looking at a $500 horse your not going to find something amazing! There is a reason they are that cheap! If she were perfect then of course she would be way out of their price range! So either be willing to look at a horse that needs some work or dont look at $500 horses! I am so irritated! I have someone possibly coming out tomorrow but she wasnt thrilled with her video so we will see. Her husband is a equine lameness vet, she is 1 score away from earning her silver medal in dressage and has trained a horse to grand prix and sounds like a good home but we will see. Im not getting my hopes up because horse people always seem to let you down! I really want to find a home for her before I start really getting her into work so I dont really want to keep her then!

Yeah... guess what I just found out? They backed out of coming to see her. I am SO frustrated with people! I wish I had money and could just keep them both, show them both, ride them both, etc. Oh the challenges of life.
Lovin being outside!

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  1. Seriously selling a horse is one of the worst things ever! People are such a pain and shaaaddddy! I can't tell you how many people have come to "look" at a horse I was selling and basically wanted a free ride- um no thank you! Best of luck and I hope you can find a great home for her :)