2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I cannot believe how long Mystics mane has gotten even in the last 6 months! It is growing like crazy! Sadly it has thinned out towards the bottom of his neck, I think maybe his blanket rubs it... I dont think he is rubbing it himself but maybe? Im going to wash it this weekend since the weather has been ok and it is SUPER gross. Maybe that will help, we will see!

Dont judge him for his brown hair!

He has had almost a week off :/ definitely not ideal 3 weeks away from a horse show. I was out of town from Friday to late Sunday and then came up sick so have spent the last few days in bed. Yesterday I did go out and brush him, re-did his hair, and went on a 20 minute bare back ride outside. I did notice that he had dropped weight. Im not sure if maybe its because his work is getting harder or what but I think im going to bump his grain up. Alanna did mention that it might be good for him to go into spring on the lean side because we all know how much he likes his food! With the green grass and all he will definitely plump out! I never thought we would have weight "issues"! Just the opposite of most :) He doesnt look terrible by any means just not as filled out as I would like/am used to with him!

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