2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home stretch

As of tomorrow I believe we are officially a month away from our first show, both SUPER exciting but there are also some nerves in there! Im not actually nervous for the show itself but more like if we will be ready! Our leg yields have been coming along pretty well and we had one of our best ones on Tuesday but in the actual tests we have to do them within a shorter distance (from X to a corner both ways). That is the only thing I am 'worried' about. His transitions are coming along much better, he actually has a cute little pony trot lengthening, a great canter lengthening, our stretchy trot circles may be a little misshaped but he stretches decently most of the time. Overall ability wise I think he will do super well, just those leg yields may give us a little trouble. Oh well I still think he will do well anyways, we will just crack down on those for the next couple weeks then cross our fingers, toes, hooves, and anything else we can in hopes that we dont look like fools out there! Either way im super excited to start showing again. We also added a Combined Test (dressage and stadium jumping) im May so hopefully the weather gets nice and we can start jumping again!

Also... 2 weeks after our first show (Spring Break) I am headed to FLORIDA!! I get to go visit my aunt, uncle and cousins that moved there in September (im flying out there with 2 of my other cousins also!). They are the ones who bred Mystic! I am SO excited. We have already been planning things that we are going to do and we are going to swim with Manatees and go on a huge zip line! Of course riding the ponies also as I have been given the task of getting one of their young mares going under saddle. I get to stay for a little over a week, hopefully I dont bring Oregons weather with me and we actually have sun while im there too!
March is going to be a seriously fun month!

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