2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Poor pony!

A new Wilco farm store just opened up in Lebanon (about 20-25 minutes from us) recently so today Alanna, April (our fabulous barn owner!), and I headed over to check it out. We have a Wilco in Tangent but it is a small one and this new one is supposed to be a big one! They were also having a good sale so we figured we would check it out. It was tons of fun and I came home with Mystic pony beauty products, vet wrap (only $1 each!), dewormer, Berry horse treats (20lbs you know he loves his treats!), Chicago screws for his leather halter, and some grain for Sky.
The shampoo came at the perfect time because I need to start cleaning him for our first show of the season! His feather and tail have gotten 'stained' from being on the pasture daily, stupid mud, and his mane is just FILTHY from rolling outside and not having it washed because of the cold... even though we do have a wash rack with hot water. Because of my car incident yesterday (which is another story but basically my car tried to kill me...) I have to get my mom to take me to the barn and pick me up after her agility class which means I will be at the barn for like 4-5 hours tonight... Meaning, Mystic pony is going to get his bath on! I know he will just go back out in the pasture but if I do it this weekend, next weekend then right before the show and leave him in then hopefully he will resemble some kind of white! That is my hope at least...

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