2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, February 10, 2012


even if its blurry it is kinda cool!
I had a great night at the barn last night! First I hadnt seen Alanna all week... and since we both got off at 5:30 last night we decided to go to Yogurt Extreme first (we both still have gift cards!), it was super yummy! Then we headed to the barn afterwards. It was nice to be able to ride with someone else sine I have been riding alone in the mornings because of class/work. At the end of our ride we video taped eachother a little bit. The video was supposed to be of our first level test but I messed up after the stretchy circle so we just winged it and did what we wanted! I also got some video of our leg yields so I can see what they look like. For me its hard to tell when he is actually doing it right sometimes because I have never ridden a horse that knows how to do them well. Not to mention I seriously have to ride the pants off of him to get him to keep it until we get to the wall. I think in everyone he pops his shoulder or just starts running about half way through and we have to start again but never get the cross steps we did in the very beginning.
Alanna and I were talking last night about how when we think of how our tests will go at the show we think we will do great... then we go ride and see how much we need to work on and how not good something is going and we think "oh great... we are going to suck!". I guess we will just wait and find out in a month!


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