2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, October 28, 2013

Flying Changes!

Rocked the girl colors for our lesson :)

Pony and I had a dressage lesson tonight and he showed up to play like he always does! We started off working on getting a nice connected walk and took that into a shoulder in at the walk down the long side. Now that we are doing 2nd level I really need to work on being a strong rider throughout my whole ride not just when I am asking for a certain movement. I would get the shoulder in then totally let him get away from me on the short side. We are now at the point where I need to be riding him in shoulder fore all the time, keeping that inside hind leg engaged and ready for whatever I ask. I still let him slip out of working at some points but I could really feel the difference between the two so I could correct him right away. We ended up getting some nice shoulder in and I am putting the pieces together as to why we sometimes have trouble with it. I tend to ask for far too much angle and not enough bend, once I fixed those we got some nice ones! He likes to swing his hind end around to get out of really pushing (not that I can blame him!) so we then worked on taking the haunches in coming around the corner into a shoulder in down the long side. We also transitioned between shoulder fore and travers on a big circle. We got some really nice work doing that and will definitely add that to our rides. It will only help us advance our half pass as at any moment, depending on what your horse is doing, you may have to do either to correct it to get your half pass back on track.

I was super happy to hear that the work we have been doing in our trot half pass work is really correct. Now that we have the idea we just need to work on refining it. It needs a little bit more of everything, but given how little we have worked on it I was happy to hear that we are going in the right direction already. It is all really hard work for him (and me!) but will get easier as he get stronger.

Then at the end of ride we got to do changes! We picked up the canter and took it across the diagonal, not changing leads, into the counter canter and brought it onto a 20M circle in the middle of the arena. Coming around the circle off the wall I changed bend and viola, pony change! The first one we did he was late in the back but only a stride or 2, not to shabby for our first real dressage pony change together. One thing that I was doing was holding him back too much going into the change, he needed a little burst of energy just before asking him. The next time I asked we got a clean change and ended on that note! This pony is SO cool!

Can you believe this was us just 2.5 year ago?

He was just about 60 days under saddle (riding about 3 days a week lightly) and at his first show in that video. It is amazing how much better he is now! Not even just in his training but even his movement has improved because of his training. I have my eye on a dressage schooling show in November/December for our 2nd level test. Hopefully we can make one of them!
In his cooler he won last year after our lesson!

He also got his hooves done today

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Today was a nice relaxed day with the boys. Pony and I went on a bareback trail ride with Alanna and Roz. I think we went about 5 miles. Tomorrow we finally have another lesson! So looking forward to it! Here are some pictures from today/yesterday:

They are so good! I let them out of the gate then just throw their lead ropes over their necks so I can lock the gate

How cute is this pony?!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Never Ending

You start getting somewhere in one part of your life (aka: getting a horse sold) and something else in your life goes wrong (aka: broken dog)! It really seems to be a never ending cycle.

Ill start with Tolo. The lady loved him and I am allowing her to take him on trial for 30 days. She will have him vetted and as long as all checks out have a nice forever home about an hour away. It is amazing how things seem to work out when you most need it. He was going to have to leave NDF and come home and sit in a pasture at the end of this month. Alanna and I are going to make a long day of hauling ponies on the 2nd. We are going to go pick up Emi first and bring her to Alannas house then take Tolo up to his new house. Alanna and I seem to sell/collect horses around the same times! Either we are both getting one, she is selling and I am getting, or I am selling and she is getting. Its actually pretty creepy how it always works!

Within the first month I got him back

A couple weeks ago. He looks so much better!
Another creepy thing is a weird tie Tolo and my dog Max have. The first time I sold Tolo? Max needed TPLO surgery (equivalent of an acl tear in a person) which cost more then what I sold Tolo for, typical! This time I sell Tolo? Max is non weight bearing on that same leg that he got the TPLO sx on (along with a total hip replacement- same leg). He went in to the vet this afternoon but I have to take him back in the morning after not eating so they can put him under anesthesia to get x-rays. There is nothing worse than watching your animal in pain :( This poor guy has had many problems since he was a puppy and it seems as if the world is working against him physically. Mentally he is the happiest dog out there! He LOVES agility but hasnt been able to really do it because of all his physical problems. I just want my puppy to feel better. Hopefully we can figure out the issue tomorrow (and hopefully it wont involve another $5000 surgery. He has used up his allowance of those!).
My other 4 legged handsome man :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I want an upgrade!

I am SO wanting to get a new jump saddle. Like really bad! I have let myself play with the idea that if Tolo sells I could get one but havent convinced myself that it is essential to us at this moment. My current one is very basic and doesnt offer me any support which I have learned to ride with pretty good, if I do say so myself! It fits pony okay, not perfect but not awful, but it is definitely time for an upgrade. The problem is that both him and I are harder to fit. Him being wide and my legs being super long. I also still wont have $3500 to spend on a super nice one (and dont know that I would really want to! So much money!) but at this point even a $1000 will be a nice upgrade! It is so hard to look up reviews online because in my price range that I am looking at a lot of people give reviews that now own Antares, Cwd, etc that are obviously going to be nicer all the way around. I think when the time comes I will try to go around and sit in several near by or even get some through Smart Paks test ride program and try to find what I like used.

Obviously this is if Tolo sells (find out tomorrow if that lady that tried him yesterday is going to have him vetted) and if my dog (the same one that has already had a full hip replacement and a TPLO sx on his knee, all on the same leg) turns out to not have re done his knee and need yet another $4000 sx... it never ends does it?!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seriously Perfect

Tolo was absolutely perfect for his potential buyer today! I think she could be a really good home. She took video back to her trainer and is going to get back to me in the next few days as to if she wants to go forward with a pre purchase/possible trial. Fingers crossed!

Pony was super good today. We have a lesson on Monday so we worked on some of our 'moves'. Hopefully we look somewhat put together for our lesson as we havent had one in awhile and need a good butt kicking to get back into dressage shape/form. He is already extremely hairy and was soaked in sweat after our ride. It wasnt like he was exhausted he is just so hairy! Body clipping here we come!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So besides the fact that I am getting sick (huge downfall of working at a daycare.... respiratory stuff going around) which happens this times every.single.year. Today was a great day! After doing barn chores this morning I was a semi bad student and stayed at home to sleep for my morning class. I didnt feel like driving 25 minutes each way just to have an hour class when my next class was having a lab at a cow barn right by my house. So I slept, went to lunch with my mom, and went to my class after drugging up. Then went out to the barn and had a super nice relaxed almost 4 hour fun day at the barn.

I have a very interested person coming to see Tolo on Saturday so I have been making sure to keep up on riding him. But today I just wanted to play around so I hoped on bareback in his halter and we went on a nice walk outside. Then I had a bright idea to try to do some bridleless stuff with him in the arena. Walk/trot/canter like a piece of cake! He is definitely not nearly as comfortable or easy to ride bareback as pony because of his gates and his withers but he was super good. After some arena work we went on a bridleless walk around the field and down the road with no issues at all.

Its definitely starting to set in that if all goes well on Saturday he could be leaving very soon. It is VERY bitter sweet. I am actually pretty sad to have to sell him again as we really do have a special bond together but sadly money trees have not been discovered yet and Pony is never going anywhere, ever. In reality I am too big for Tolo and he is hard for me to ride balance wise. In the long run it will be better for both of us for him to find the perfect home with someone he can trust and will have the time to devote just to him.

Pony has been great, as always! Last night when I was jumping him (just little stuff that was already set up) my stirrup leather, that I clearly dont check often, broke and my stirrup went flying! Luckily he was super good and pulled right up. Good news is that with all the Canby tack sale stuff at our barn ready for the weekend I found a nice pair for 10 bucks that will get us by. Alanna and I were both discussing how once day we are going to drop the big bucks and get nice leathers. We have always bought used ones but a nice pair of soft new ones that wont leave marks on our saddle are a dream of ours :) We were laughing how we both have nice expensive horses yet have never bought a pair of new  leathers. A couple things I have decided im going to get/do if Tolo sells are to get some body clippers (he gets clipped 2x a winter every winter and I have been lucky enough to borrow Alannas), the whole line of Equifuse product, and have a saddle fitter come out to look at his dressage saddle/help me make a mold and take measurements so I can start keeping my eye out for a new jump saddle! Along with those I also want to do a lesson every other week for a couple months to really get us going. Its all jumping the gun obviously but just a few things I would love to be able to do :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love me a good deal!

Our barn owner is getting a bunch of tack together for the Canby tack sale this month so we have a bunch of tack in our riders room and we get first dibs!. Since I got to the barn semi early today for pony and my trail ride date with Alanna and Roz I figured I would go take a peak, knowing I dont need to be spending money! What do I find? A used but in pretty great condition set of 4 Eskadron open front and hind fetlock boots for 7 bucks! For all of them! Ummm.... SOLD! They obviously wont work for pony but they will for Tolo and worst case I use them while I can and re sell them. I was pretty excited so obviously Tolo had to try them out today.
Rockin his new boots after a great ride!

Pretty cute dude if you ask me :)

Pony thinks that when I take his brothers blanket off in the pasture and carry it that it is potentially the most terrifying thing in the entire world! In his stall, in the barn, or basically anywhere else I can throw the thing at him and he doesnt move but in the pasture it is most definitely out to get him. Its pretty funny watching this 1300 lb "bomb proof" horse snorting and running from a blanket he wears all winter!

He has also started getting his winter coat. Along with that comes these massive butt hairs. Attractive aint it?!

It was a beautiful day for a trail ride and although pony was sure the hills were the death of him it was a great 4.5 mile ride! We definitely need to make it a once a week thing. Walking the hills is great work for both of them!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crunch Time

Sadly Tolos stay at NDF is coming to an end. I REALLY hoped he would be sold/leased by now but its not looking so promising. My mom is going to want to kill me when I break the news that a horse is coming home but at this point it is pretty much my only option. Then the chances of finding him someone over the winter are slim because once he comes home he will just be hanging out and being cute. I really thought he would have sold by now but people seem to be wary about his eye. Time to go smooze my mom!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Perfect barn day

On Thursdays this term I dont (usually) get out of class until 3 50 from my beef production lab. Since it is so late I also dont have to work so I can go straight from school to the barn! Today since it was just a long lecture we actually got out of class 50 minutes early, perfect end to my day! I headed straight out to the barn. I had someone else ride Tolo yesterday (he hasnt been ridden since the beach, whoops) and they thought he might be lame, great... He maybe looks a little funny at the walk on his left front. Up in his shoulder area? Its not bad at all and it even makes me wonder if I am seeing it but I gave him some bute and called it a day. I will hop on him tomorrow to see if I can feel it better than I can see it. He was super good for the lady and she has a friend that might be interested in him! Fingers crossed, although it wont be easy to part with him again :/

Pony got a little spa day. His mane was SO gross. I braided it down for the beach and then never fixed it so in the span of 4 days he has eaten about 3 inches off the top 1/3 of his mane from it interfering with him eating (nothing stops this boy from eating!). He got all washed and braided back up and then zip tied and vet wrapped. It looks goofy down now because its all chewed off but it will be back by the summer as long as I keep up on it. He was awesome for our ride tonight too! I just kept it nice and easy with basic walk/trot/canter and threw in some leg yields, shoulder in and lengthenings. I havent been very motivated this week so he really hadnt gotten much real work. I was super pleased with how he came back today! Normally I can really tell when we havent worked on our dressage for a couple days but he came out super from the beginning! One thing I have changed is how I warm him up. I used to walk him for 10-15 minutes then go right to work. I recently started (during the cold spell!) walking him for the same amount then letting him trot on a loose rein stretching down. We change rein, do some circles, etc before I ask him for a little more contact at the trot. Once we canter I push him more forward and give him more rein both directions before I start demanding nice work out of him. It seems to be working well and we had a great ride! I love this pony!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gorgeous day with gorgeous ponies!

Yup that about sums up our beach ride yesterday. The 3 Musketeers were all on their very best behavior from the minute we loaded them up to the minute we got back home. Nothing is nicer then having 3 horses that load, haul, and travel like its second nature! We walked down the beach on the buckle just like we were at home in the arena. Once we got down the beach and away from the busier section of the beach we did some trot/canter fun before stopping and taking some pictures. I could not have asked for a better day! Of course we ended our trip with our usual Dairy Queen stop too. I could do this every weekend!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Finger Crossed!

Tomorrow Alanna, Alyssa, and I are hitting the beach with the boys! Alyssas mare is currently baby sitting her baby and the baby mama (Roxy for those that remember her!) is just going back into work after a couple years off so she riding Mystic pony. Alanna is riding Rozzy and I will be aboard one eyed Jack aka: Tolo :) We had planned to go last weekend but got hit by a huge storm. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. Although all of our boys have been to the beach quite a bit, it will be Tolos first time since his eye injury and first time in over 2 years. He has always been super fun to ride there, hopefully tomorrow is no different :)

Beach trip from 2009?
Both boys have been great this week. Monday was lesson night (sadly not for us) and the weather was super bad over the weekend (like bad enough where they stayed inside) so I decided just to hope on pony bareback and ponied Tolo on a nice long walk. Tuesday was ponies day, Wednesday they both had off, Thursday both got worked, and tonight was a Tolo night! I also forgot that I never posted new pics/video of Tolo that Alanna took for me on Sunday! They came out great!

And here is the video: