2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

BWB (Bubble Wrap Boy)

I’m not sure which higher power I have pissed off in the last two years but I feel like my luck is non existent. Between the three of my boys they have done some weird 💩. 

Let me just highlight Bentleys 2017 for you so far:
-cellulitis (actually had it 3 times in fact)
-popped two splints
-had scratches
-tore up his back leg
-cut his eye lid
-cut his larynx (yes you read that right) and was bleeding out of his nose for 4 days (nothing the vet could do about it)
-had a reaction to his rabies vaccine
-has pulled 10 shoes 

I have not even owned him a year yet. Wtf! He gets iced, linamented, wrapped, and BOT after jump schools, he gets his legs betadine scrubbed all winter, he gets daily mash with his supplements, he sees a chiropractor, I see him/check him over 7 days a week, what more could I do?! After thinking about it, between all of his extra curricular activities this year, he has had about 3.5 months off.

Currently we are at 2 weeks of no work (haven’t been able to ride since the clinic) due to the time off for his larynx to heal and the addition of the rabies vaccine reaction right after he had healed up. Due to his love for our vet he has been named BWB, or Bubble Wrap Boy, by one of my friends! 

I’m really hoping he doesn’t have anything else in store for me the rest of the year. Some days I truly think it is a miracle he is still alive with all the crap he has done to himself! People keep telling me it has to stop soon. I can only hope! He is signed up for a Dressage clinic in December. Anyone want to take bets as to if he will get to actually go or not? 😂

Monday, October 16, 2017

Clinics are not our thing

My biggest take away from our three day clinic was that my horse is NOT a clinic horse at this point in his jump training. Private lessons or no clinic at all for us at this point.

We had a dressage lesson a few weeks ago that was very basic and simple but really helped him relax into his flat work. We had some awesome dressage schools leading up to our jump clinic and although he hadn’t jumped much since coming back from his injury I thought we would be fine.

Day 1 was flat work. It took him about 20 minutes to settle into it but we actually got some nice work in and had some awesome canters! ES emphasizes forward (the horse taking you not youbising your legs every stride), straight, and regular. With straight meaning hind quarters following the shoulders, following the poll, on any line you choose. He has a man of keeping things as simple as possible while getting the most out of your horse. Something we should all strive to do! He definitely shows us how much we over think things. 

Day 2 was stadium jumping. This is where I learned the most about my horse. Because the group lessons were 1.5 hours I didn’t warm up (more then a 10 minutes walk) on my own before. Getting he flat work before jumping is obviously important with every horse but particularly with this one. Unfortunately, because it’s a group, you just have to get going with the rest of them and I hadn’t gotten to chance to even canter before we started a pole exercise that quickly turned into a jumping exercise. The jumps were always fine but the inbetween was not fun. Easily the worst jump ride we have ever had. He was very strong, ripping the reins out of my hands, etc. It was so not fun. So much so that he even asked to get on Bentley at the end. He very, very rarely ever gets on horses at clinics! He went back and did some flat work (what we had needed to do) and made some progress before calling it a day. 
Bentleys lesson group girlfriend

Day 3 was XC day. To day I was dreading it would have been a fair statement. He had only been out XC once since Rebecca Farms (in July) so I knew he would be prettt hot out there already. He was again strong, ripping my reins away, flipping his head, and had an extreme lack of brakes. Not exactly the ride you want to have. Especially since we had a super jump lesson with our normal trainer the week prior. By the end he was slightly more rideable and his terrible behaviors became less and less but I, unfortunately, left thinking I had over faced my horse too much with the group situation and feared I had just set us back. It’s not that he didn’t jump things, or even that he didn’t jump things well, it was just his over all mental state. He actually jumped things quite well and did some hard things that he hadn’t done before such as:

Training log bending to novice coop

Training chevron to an angled novice roll top 

Training corner!

 There was a professional photographer there so hopefully she caught some good moments! When we were in the air it all felt great 😉 Back to the drawing board. We have a long winter of dressage and pole work ahead of us 😳😃