2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Little Pony!

I came across this small company on Facebook that makes custom polo wraps, saddle pads, halters, etc and they have this ribbon that is super adorable! It is My Little Pony ribbon! Im thinking that Mystic needs a matching set, how cute would that be?
On a more serious note... he was a total star today for our ride! His leg yields keep getting better and we can do them off the wall (somewhat), his counter canter is good, and over all he was awesome! It got me super pumped up for Championships this weekend. I mean I already bought and have saved a big sticker that says "Champions" with little trophies by them for his ribbons in his scrapbook this weekend :) Not I just need to learn my first level test 3!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sale videos and Championships!

Today I hauled Sky over to Mystics barn (thanks to our lovely barn owners!) to get some under saddle sale video! And it was officially her 10th ride! She handled it all super well. It was her first time ever being there and working in that arena and she was the best she has been to date! She is really started to get the concept of giving to the bit and we had some great moments. I also put her up on Dreamhorse tonight, hopefully we can get some good interest in her. Otherwise she will be going to her first dressage schooling show at the end of June. Here is her video:

On the Mystic front... we got ride times for championships today!! We dont ride till around 2 both days which is super nice. The show is WAY smaller then I thought it would be but it will still be fun to see Tolo and some of our other friends there! We are getting serious for the rest of the week :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beach Pictures!!

We had an AWESOME time at the beach yesterday! The boys both were super stars, I could not have asked  for a better day! The weather was good and the horses were even better. We walked quite a bit down the beach on the buckle just taking it all in. The boys were so happy to be there! We stopped at an open spot to get some pictures and do some trot/canter work, etc then kept going down the beach and found another spot for pictures. We covered a lot of ground! On the way back towards the trailer we found a little log that was on some wetter sand so Mystic and I hoped over it a few times to refresh our jumping skills learned last year! He was so good and you could tell he really perked up towards the log!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Beach Bound!

Tomorrow Alanna and I are hitting the beach with the ponies! After MUCH back and forth on who we were taking we finally have 2 horses to take. The lucky two are.... Mystic and Roz! Our main men! It is kind of sad that we have 4 horses between the two of us and up until today only had 1 for sure that could go due to lameness, etc. I rode Sky today and she was really good. One thing that impresses me about her is that she can have a week off from riding and will be totally fine when you get on her. I texted Alanna and said Sky was fine and we could take her just as she was texting me to say Roz is fine and we could take him! The plan (in the very beginning) was to get sale pictures of Sky but Alanna has wanted to ride Roz one last time on the beach before his retirement later this year. So we decided to take Roz and just get sale video/pictures of Sky this weekend at home. A win win for both of us!
Not to mention riding my boy on the beach will be much more relaxing then riding Sky who would be having her 8th or 9th ride on the beach. I am SO excited to go! Not to mention we will get some awesome pictures with Alannas new camera. Not much better things to do then spending the day on the beach with the ponies and close friends, oh and stopping at DQ on the way home :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Some days are much better then others as all us horse people know! Today was a perfectly fine day until about 5 pm when, at work, one of our kids projectile vomited over the whole room. Ok not the whole room but a lot of it! Vomit is one thing that I cannot deal with. Luckily another co worker my age knows that I dont do throw up and she helped the teacher clean it up. That doesnt mean I did see/smell it though!

I had already decided Mystic would get today off. He was worked since Saturday so he will get today off then work till Monday when he will have another day off then we can just work the next few days till Championships that weekend. So I come straight home to get Sky out and throw her on the lunge line to see how she looks soundness wise. Roz, who was our back up back up beach horse came up lame this morning so we were back to just Pretty (she was fine the next day) who hasnt had much under saddle time these last few months and the beach may over stimulate her a little too much or Sky who up till today has been lame. When I get out to see her she instantly runs away from me and gallops around like a lunatic for 15 minutes until I can catch her. When I finally get her I see she has a cut on the inside of her left hind and a gash across her coronary band of her right hind. Cool. I still go out and lunge her and she was sound. I cleaned them all out, wrapped them, buted her, and stuck her locked up for the night. All I can say is she better be just fine tomorrow. Im so done with horses being lame or stupid! Its a good thing I still have a super pony otherwise I would be throwing the towel in right now!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


After much flip flopping and riding breaks I officially sent my entry in to league championships today! He is incredibly fat and out of shape right now but went right back to work today like a star! We have 2 weeks, from today, to get our butts in gear. Luckily I have the worlds most amazing horse and im sure we will have good tests even if they are not great. He doesnt look bad doing anything :)

Also... next weekend we are taking the ponies to the beach! Mystic and Sky (or Pretty) will be going on Saturday. It will be either of the girls first time and Mystics second. The reason it is Sky or Pretty is that both of them came up lame today. Typical right? When everything start getting good and you are getting somewhere with them they decide to a) try to kill themselves or b) come up dead lame. Im 99 % sure Sky has an abcess on the heel or her hind hoof as she wont walk on it. She just walks on the tip of her hoof and about falls on her face every other step. I went to the store tonight and picked up some epson salt, diapers, and duct tape (I can only imagine what the cashier thought!) and got her all soaked and wrapped up for the night. Hopefully it will burst soon and I can be riding her asap. Pretty had a freak out in the cross ties and came out of it lame. She walked out of most of it but still wasn't 100 %. Hopefully she will be ok tomorrow so we at least have a back up in case Skys takes longer to burst! Oh horses....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Its been awhile

A little quick update on everyone. Sky has remained in work and is doing good. Alanna even came and took some pictures yesterday. She understands giving to the bit at the walk but is very, very resistant at the trot. Cant blame her but I would really like it if she even just went around like a horse with no training with her head in a normal place. Instead she goes back to her track days and keeps it straight in the air. Oh well, something to work on!

Mystic pony has been living the life he thinks! We have been mixing in some trail rides, bridleless, dressage rides all together and just being more laid back. His hips started popping again so im not really sure whats up, maybe he is growing? He was really cranky that night so I just gave took him down the road and called it a night in case he was actually in pain. He was back to his happy go lucky food motivated guy today though! He got another mini spa day to wash his tail and feather, get his dressage tail back (it had grown out so much!), and got his hair did. He also got some pictures for his Facebook fans which is is up to like 115 or something now!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a ride

The title refers to both life with horses and our wonderful trail ride today!

Mystic and I went on a 1.5 hour trail ride today with a couple barn friends. I finally learned where "the loop" is! The last time Alanna and I tried to ride this loop it took us over 3 hours to get home and we ended up way down the gravel road... NOT where we wanted to be! He was really good but was also super tired by the end. Keeping up with those big TBs is no easy task for this 'little' 14.3 hand Gypsy pony (haha I know you love it so much when I call him my pony Debi!)! I am going to try to take him out there once a week to work the hills with him and get him in better shape, it will only help our dressage work and make it much easier when we start jumping again! We have a lesson tomorrow that I am really looking forward too also!
on our trail ride
After a semi spa day today!
 Sky is looking a little sore today from her adventure off the property yesterday. Very minimal but she will still get the next 2 days off to re coupe. She was very happy to be able to return to her grass tonight!
I have come to the conclusion that having/riding/dealing with horses will easily take 15 years off my life just from the stress they cause me! They will also make sure that they keep lots of room in my bank account in case I win the lottery. I mean they wouldn't want to let me keep too much in there just in case right?! They truly are the best and worst thing that have happened to me, luckily the best out weight the worst most of the times :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here is the video Auntie Alanna put together for us after our fun bareback and bridleless night with Mystic!

We got back to real work this week and have had a couple good rides considering! I was very happy to see that he just came right back to work. Hopefully by the time Teacher Mary sees us next she wont be able to tell we had two weeks of just playing around although im sure its doubtful :)

I have continued to work Sky in her side reins and even hoped on her on Sunday. We have a lot of work to do to be beach ready but hopefully we can get it done. There is a huge difference going from Mystic to her, thats for sure. She is working really well in her side reins but once I get on her its another story and she basically puts her head in my lap its so high in the air! She got better after I got her moving but I hope it wont last to long. Hopefully in a couple weeks I can get some riding video of her.